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30's Bringin' it to Boston!

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OK, since I've only gotten the green light for Boston effective 1 week ago, I'm not 100% sure on who is going to be there to run, jog, cheerlead (don't forget the trampolines!), blow the froth off a few coldies, or what-have-you. SO - I thought I'd start this up as a way to track who will be there, where they're staying, when they arrive, any meet-ups and the like.<br><br>
No flights booked yet, but I plan to arrive late Sat night, watch the Trials on Sun morning, get my bib and chillax the balance of the day on Sunday (unless i can score some Sox tix for me and a buddy). I'm planning to leave right after the race, so this will be a quick trip for me.<br><br>
I'm staying on Boylston St at the Charles Mark Hotel, sharing a room with a training buddy.<br><br>
I am RACING - planning to lay the wood to Mr. Lance Armstrong, unlike I did at NYC a few months ago. I've got a load of pals running on Monday but would like to try and connect with folks during the wait in Hopkinton if it works out.
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Oh my word. I just realized that I fly out of Boston the day of the marathon, to present a paper at a conference in New Orleans. I had this sly post about how I am already here and will be staying at my house, etc, when I realized the sad truth.<br><br>
If there are folks coming in early, I'll be around. Wow, this sucks. <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
I WILL be here Saturday and Sunday, and I WILL meet some of you!
Why? Because I said that I won't be around for the marathon? <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
That is right across the street from my office, and very close to some of the hotels where folks are staying.<br><br>
Just sayin'.
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