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30's Bringin' it to Boston!

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OK, since I've only gotten the green light for Boston effective 1 week ago, I'm not 100% sure on who is going to be there to run, jog, cheerlead (don't forget the trampolines!), blow the froth off a few coldies, or what-have-you. SO - I thought I'd start this up as a way to track who will be there, where they're staying, when they arrive, any meet-ups and the like.<br><br>
No flights booked yet, but I plan to arrive late Sat night, watch the Trials on Sun morning, get my bib and chillax the balance of the day on Sunday (unless i can score some Sox tix for me and a buddy). I'm planning to leave right after the race, so this will be a quick trip for me.<br><br>
I'm staying on Boylston St at the Charles Mark Hotel, sharing a room with a training buddy.<br><br>
I am RACING - planning to lay the wood to Mr. Lance Armstrong, unlike I did at NYC a few months ago. I've got a load of pals running on Monday but would like to try and connect with folks during the wait in Hopkinton if it works out.
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Yipee! I was hoping someone would start a thread like this!<br><br>
We are staying at the Park Plaza the 19th-22nd. Is anyone staying there, or near there???? Who can I meet? Fun!<br><br>
I totally overwhelmed by the idea of this trip, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I'm hoping there will other confused runners around as well or someone who has a clue to take me in under their wing.<br><br>
I guess I'll be starting in the 2nd wave<img alt="sad.gif" src=""> 'cuz my qualifying time was over 3:30.<br><br>
I am Racing, but unlike Pacer I don't plan to "lay the wood" to anyone, mostly because that sounds like a creepy guy thing<img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">.<br><br>
I've been working my butt off, so I hope to get a pretty new PR if the hills don't eat me alive first.
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Okay, who's going to explain to me how this whole this is going to go down for me on race day? I have no idea what to expect.<br><br>
Is it easy to figure out what bus/where to get on...about what time is this?<br><br>
What happens at the start? What should I bring? Is there bag drop or just bring stuff to throw away? How long before the race start are we dropped off? <b>2oh</b>, did you rent a house up there--cool, thanks for the invite!<br><br>
What happens at the finish? Will I want to just hang out there for a while, will I be able to find DH?<br><br><b>Pacer</b>, do you feel like sharing your thoughts about the course with me? You have a ton of experience and probably know it as well as anyone. I was trying to scope out some info on the elevation changes on the web but it seems like all of the profiles are a little different. Some are harsh and others look totally smoothed out.<br><br>
Ahhh, this is scary for me, I've never done a big race!
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6 Weeks left! That leaves me with 3 weeks of hard training then a gradual 3 weeks taper. Only 2 more 20 milers to go!<br><br>
I've got to get some more hillwork in. I think I'm okay on the downhills but I need to do some serious incline work over the next few weeks.<br><br>
I still need to try to nail down a goal pace, as well. I'm thinking these next few weeks are going to fly by.
30 something days left! I'm still totally freaked about the hills, I don't think I've done enough incline work on the TM. It's just really hard to run indoors when it's nice out here. I spent a lot of short PM runs inside last week and I'll try to keep mixing those in over the next couple of weeks.<br><br><b>2oh</b>, no big buildings around here. <b>Pacer</b>, I'll try to be smart but I think it'll be hard to pace the uphills. I guess I'll just try to slow down enough to where I'm not working super hard but this will be a different run for me, for sure.<br><br>
Do you guys know what the wave cutoff is going to be, I think I'm right on the cusp????? I'm in the 12 wave.
Okay, looks like the cutoff is wave 14. That will put me towards the back of wave one, a mear 10,000 other runners will be ahead of me<img alt="uhoh2.gif" src="">.<br><br>
I'm actually pretty glad to be in the first wave, though I know it'll be crowded. I think it'll help hold me back a bit to start and I should be able to hook up with some people running around my goal pace, I hope! It is going to so strange with so many people ahead of me. The River Run seemed weird and that was only 500 or so up ahead.<br><br>
Must.Get.Faster in the future<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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