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30 Something Calendar

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I think this deserves its own thread. We can keep track of the months, pictures, format, etc all in one place.<br><br>
Here is what we have so far:<br><br><span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#0000FF;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="color:#000000;">Jan</span></span></b><span style="color:#000000;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">-</span></b>Voo</span></span></span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Feb</span></b>-PhillyTom</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Mar</span></b>-Liam</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Apr</span></b>-Baggs/Trev/PC (Boston Boys)</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#0000FF;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">May</span></b></span></span><br><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#0000FF;">Jun</span></span></span></b><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Jul</span></b>-DrChris</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#000000;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Aug</span></b>-Korbel</span></span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Sep</span></b>-Moon</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Oct</span></b>-GatorBob</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Nov</span></b>-AzreMatt</span><br><span style="font-size:large;"><b><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="color:#000000;">Dec</span></span></b><span style="color:#000000;">-Frankie</span></span>
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Oh my!! I love this thread! You're doing a fine job gentlemen <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Thanks some of us are trying <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
And, that does not go unappreciated!!! <img alt="hello2.gif" src="">
Can I say that I do have a mad 30s crush on DocChris. "fuck the standards!" <img alt="headbang.gif" src=""> that just rocks.
ok, women of the 30s you gotten quite a few shirts of us guys sans shirts...isn't it about time for a little quid pro quo?<br><br>
Moe was brave enough to post a cleavage shot...anyone else that brave? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
This is the first time I've read through ths thread. All I have to say is, "What the $*&! was I waiting for????" HOLY mother of god.
<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I would. . .but I'd hate to cause trouble with all you menfolks at work.<br><br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
If the banana hammock shots posted in the past in the thread can pass muster, trust me, any cleavage shot you post will pass trhough the proverbial customs jusssst fine
<br><b>Moon</b>, you are such a sweetheart!
<img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Well. . .I'm thinking about which one. . .
A sample calendar. For scientific purposes only, of course!<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
Yes, that does read <i>Men of the Mortuaries 2008.</i> Your eyes are not deceiving you.
Well I guess you can build quite the body when you have to lift all that dead weight<br><br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">(okay...I'll slink to the corner after that bad taste pun now)</span>
Links, girl! We need live links to check out the inside! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Is this the perverbial "died and gone to heaven"???
Dude, those guys are scary! They've got those weird bumps all over them?!?<br><br><span style="color:#000000;">(<b>Joe</b> I laughed at the pun...good one <img alt="smile.gif" src="">)</span>
I love you guys. Honestly, I do.
Right back at ya, <b>BG! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""></b>
Any room in that calendar for a newbie???<br><br>
Here's a picture:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
and here's another:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
Ladies - ever get the feeling that we totally WIN here?<br><br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
181 - 200 of 214 Posts
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