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3 sessions; 3 days - best order?

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Hi: Just organising my programme for the next 6 weeks (am bringing a regular brick into my schedule that hasn't featured previously) and have the following question.<br><br>
These Three sessions need to slot into Tues/Weds/Thurs evenings (follows a low intensity day on monday; and Friday is also low intensity or active-rest).<br><br>
60min Easy Run.<br>
60min Hill-reps Run.<br>
90min Brick session (either 60/30 or shorter repeats)<br><br>
I'm pretty sure I want the easy run in the middle on Weds, but how would you slot together the other two "quality" days? I suspect it doesn't matter at all, but if there's any ideas that i ought to consider it would be good to know. Thanks for any help.
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If he were to do that, I'd consider adding more rest in between. Three quality workouts, three days in a row will do you no favors. You won't be well rested and will likely do them half-a$$ed and court injury.<br><br>
FWIW, I'd do the following:<br><br>
Long Run - Start at 60 minutes and start building to about 2 hours. In a 4 week cycle, I'd do Z2 on easy rollers, Z2/Z3 with some fartleks thrown in, Z4 hilly LR, and then cut back the 4th week for recovery.<br>
Speed - In the same 4 week cycle, I'd do one week of hill repeats, one tempo, one cruise interval workout, and then an easier informal fartlek during recovery.<br>
Brick - I'd do BRICKs mostly in Z2 for both the bike & run but as you build, I'd add some short race pace intervals into both.<br><br>
The key thing to remember is to be well rested between quality work.
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That sounds fine. I'm assuming Wednesdays will be rest days?<br><br>
Everyone responds differently to training plans. I find that I respond best to a plan that is balanced between the three sports with 2 quality days and the third day is a higher volume/low intensity. I focused on lower intensity volume last season and got burned out...teetering on the hairy edge of overtraining. You need to play a round a bit and figure out what works for you.
What do you hope to gain with this run?<br><br>
M - Easy ride<br>
T - Brick<br>
W - Easy run - I'd argue you don't need this and instead focus on a quality pool workout<br>
T - Run Speed Session<br>
F - Rest<br>
S - Long Ride<br>
S - Long Run
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