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3/5 & 3/6 Fitness

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<p>Hrm.. everyone must be sleeping in or getting their runs out of the way. I have 10M today. Unfortunately, it is going to be on the TM, since it's going to be raining all day. Meh!</p>
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<p>I dun wanna!</p>
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<p>i didn't have bib #'s so you'll have to keep my up to date <strong>missy</strong> (please?).  we're off to a bday party in a few hours and i don't think i'll have time to check in.</p>
<p>go get 'em <strong>bob</strong>, <strong>cindi</strong> & <strong>colleen</strong>!</p>
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<p>i ran 100 yards the other day more out of necessity than pleasure.  it didn't feel too good but it felt better than it would have a month ago.</p>
<p>i did manage to swim twice and workout 3x while on my left coast swing last week.  it was a nice 25 yard outdoor lap pool at my hotel. air temp was 45* in the AM, but the pool was heated so the contrast was actually nice.  i noticed that the <em>under</em>area of my suit is almost worn out and nearly see through now.  yikes.  suggestions on the best place to buy a replacement spandex (kneelength) suit?  <strong>moon/tonya/solar/theia</strong>?  thanks</p>
<p>otherwise, i'm keeping up with lifting a bunch of upper body stuff.  still not the same satisfaction as busting out a long run, but it's better than nothing.  i'm bike shopping now, reading up and learning and hope to make a purchase by the end of the month.  i have a crapload of coins/pocket change (it's like found money!) that'll hopefully pay for a few components.</p>
<p>i have been asked to participate in a bunch of running events (team stuff) includig the tough mudder in VT (sounds like a blast!) and had to say no.  why didn't these offers come last year?  meh.</p>
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<p>nice work <strong>duck, ailarie, maria, amy</strong>....the list goes on...</p>
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<p>hope you're all well</p>
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