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<p>Hrm.. everyone must be sleeping in or getting their runs out of the way. I have 10M today. Unfortunately, it is going to be on the TM, since it's going to be raining all day. Meh!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I dun wanna!</p>
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Good question. Where is everyone?<br><br>
I got in a short 2 mile run in Memphis after I arrived. It was cold and rainy, but oh well. I found a park along the Mississippi. It wasn't as scenic as that might sound.<br><br>
Then i drove here to Little Rock. I met RFTL at the expo. Now I've gone to a pub for lunch. And a beer. Probably not the best thing for me now, but what the hell. I'll meet up with RFTL again for an early dinner, then turn in early to get a good night's sleep...
Okay, second beer with lunch...<br><br>
Also, i see that the post-race party tomorrow night will have free BBQ from a place called The Whole Hog Cafe. How can that NOT be good?!? Not to mention all the free beer you can drink...
Thanks, guys. Good luck to the other racers too!<br><br>
It's cold here (37 degrees). Mao I'm probably going to overseers to the point where I'm too warm at the end. Oh well. Anyway, I'll get in touch when I'm done...
Thanks guys. I felt pretty good. I'm happy to get in under 4:00.<br><br>
Yeah, Cindi didn't have the race she wanted. But she hung in and got it done.<br><br>
I'll write more when I'm at a computer instead of my iPhone. I just took a brief nap, and now it's time for beer and greasy food...
Cindi and I are at the post-race party at the Clinton Library. They've got quite a spread here. All the food and beer (and Jello shots!) you can handle. This party is really helping me give this race a thumb's up on MarathonGuide...
We just spent some time chatting up an inebriated Bart Yasso. That was fun.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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