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I'm doing ti again! This years Run Across New Hampshire has a new route run almost entirely on trails. It's longer and badder. 128.8 miles with 54,000' of elevation change!<br><br>
The purpose of this years run is to just get folks outside. Whether it's with us in NH or in your own locale creating your own journey run.. we want you outside enjoying the woods!<br><br>
This years run will be held on the Sunapee-Kearsarge-Ragged and Monadnock-Sunapee Greenways.<br><br>
If you're in New England and want to join... come park your car, run with me, and the crew will give you a ride back when you're done. This is all about getting outside and enjoying those trails.<br><br>
For more info... go to the webpage listed above.<br><br>
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