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2008 objectives

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Here are my objectives for the season:<br><br>
1. running a marathon<br>
2. Improving my 10K PR to below 40mnts (current PR is 0:42)<br>
3. Completing Oly in 2:35 (30m swimm, 1:15 bike, 0:50 run). Current PR is 2:53, with bike leg at 1:22 and run leg at 0:55<br>
4. Completing 3 HIM with at least one below 6:30 Hrs. (Previous HIM was 7:13).<br><br>
Any advices on specific trainings for 2 and 3? I need to increase my speed on the bike and on the run.<br>
BDW, what are your objectives?<br><br>
Thanks as usual
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garbino, for 2 you likely need speed work. After you get the fitness you need, but that should come as you work on 1. Part of 3 will then follow.<br><br>
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