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Well this was my first race since a 5K on December 30, 2006. The weather was cool, and a little breezy. It was definitely the best weather I have ever run in for this race and I don?t think I could have asked for a better day for it. I was feeling good and looking forward to see if the speed increase I had been seeing in my training runs would be reflected in a race. I set my Garmin up with my target time and waited for the start. Whenever the sun came out it got warm but as the clouds went overhead things cooled off again.<br><br>
The cannon went off and I started off at a solid pace. At the first mile I looked down and saw that I was pretty much on target with my goal pace so I tried to hold pace. I faded a little in Mile 2 so I worked on mile 3 to get back on track and soon I was back on track and just clicking off the miles. For this course the first 2.5 miles head north, then you have a 5 mile run south then you turn around and run 2.5 miles north to finish where you started. As all the 5 mile runners bore to the right to go through the chute I ran through mile 5 still feeling strong. I was still pretty much on pace. The farther south I headed the stronger I was feeling. I hit the turnaround for the final leg home and I was feeling great. Now was the time for me to be mentally strong and not lose my concentration. There was just enough people in front of me strung out in a line that I could use them as targets.<br><br>
I tried to just hold pick up the pace enough to make sure I was closing the gap on people. As I ran past each person I picked out another one and kept going. My legs were still feeling strong so I kept going. At Mile 9 as I passed another guy I told him One more Mile and I think I sort of jolted him out of his trancelike state and he seemed to work on trying to pick up the pace. I caught a few other people in the final mile and I was working hard to catch one other guy but I didn?t have enough speed left.<br><br>
My splits were:<br><br>
Gun to Start line : .06 seconds,<br>
Mile 1: .99 in 7:13 (7:16)<br>
Mile 2: 1.01 in 7:31 (7:27)<br>
Turnaround #1: .50 in 3:37 (7:12)<br>
Mile 3: .51 in 3:39 (7:11)<br>
Mile 4: 1.01 in 7:31 (7:2<img alt="cool.gif" src=""><br>
Mile 5: .99 in 7:21 (7:24)<br>
Mile 6: 1.03 in 7:36 (7:21)<br>
Mile 7: 1.01 in 7:19 (7:16)<br>
Turnaround #2: .5 in 3:37 (7:17)<br>
Mile 8: .51 in 3:32 (7:00)<br>
Mile 9: 1.00 in 7:16 (7:16)<br>
Mile 10: 1.04 in 7:10 (6:54)<br>
Total Time: 1:13:35 for 10.11 miles<br>
Pace= 7:17.<br>
Chip time = 1:13:34<br><br>
Overall: 47/210<br>
Age Group: 7/32<br><br>
I ended up setting a new PR for the 10 Mile distance by 2 minutes and 10 seconds yesterday. Overall yesterday was the best I had felt in a race in a long time. Of course having near perfect weather for that race helped. I really liked using the virtual training partner on the Garmin to show me how far ahead or behind my pace I was. It was nice to be able to look down at my wrist to see if I was either ahead of my virtual partner or behind him. I haven?t? felt this strong since Winter of 2003 into the Spring of 2004 when I set 8 PR?s in 11 races to start in about a 6 month span<br><br>
I guess now I can set my sights on setting a PR at Gate.

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You're fast! You also ran a smart race. Good job. What's next?

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Here are the photos:<br><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
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