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OK now that I have finished all of my training for the year. Here you go:<br><br>
April 21 – Midtown Classic 5K – 20:17 – 6:23 avg pace.<br>
May 18 – 10 Mile time trial – 1:04:30 – 6:25 avg pace. (PR)<br>
June 30 – Summer Solstice Sunset 5K – 18:53 – 6:05 avg pace. (PR)<br>
July 7 – Smiths Station Triple Crown 5K – 17:58 – 5:46 avg pace. (PR)<br>
Aug 11 – Smiths Station Triple Crown 5K – 17:49 – 5:44 avg pace. (PR)<br>
Aug 26 – Country’s BBQ Midnight Express 5K – 18:18 – 5:53 avg pace<br>
Oct 2 – 2 Mile test – 12:06 – 6:03 avg pace.<br>
Oct 7 – Army 10 Miler – 1:12:49 – 7:12 avg pace<br>
Oct 28 – Marine Corps Marathon – 3:47:47 – 8:34 avg pace.<br>
Nov 4 – 5K race (Chesterfield County, VA) – 19:23 – 6:17 avg pace.<br>
Nov 22 – Turkey Trot 5K race with daughter – 35:30 – 11:25 avg pace.<br><br>
Training totals:<br>
2,135.91 Miles – 257 Hours, 2 Minutes, 28 Seconds<br><br>
Swimming totals:<br>
9150 Meters – 4 Hour, 7 Minutes, 32 Seconds<br><br>
Biking totals:<br>
770.54 Miles – 45 Hours, 42 Minutes, 52 Seconds<br><br>
Running totals:<br>
1601.06 Miles – 207 Hours, 12 Minutes, 4 Seconds<br><br>
Major improvement over last year. 300 more running miles. Virtually all the biking miles and swimming miles were new this year. 600 miles on the bike occurred since Oct.<br><br>
Goal for 2008. Total of 275 hours of training. Even it out a bunch between the three events and complete at least two Tri's. <b>No marathons this year.</b>

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Hi all,<br><br>
Here is the report for 2007. For comparison purposes, I've included 2006's numbers in <span style="color:#FF0000;">red</span>.<br><br>
In terms of total mileage, I am very impressed with the numbers, but I have to say I'm not impressed with a lot of the individual categories. It apears that in every aspect this year, I slowed down.<br><br><b>Summary Run Report</b><br><i>For the period: 01/01/2007 to 12/31/2007</i><br><br><b>Race Pace</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 139.7 <b>Time:</b> 19:28:57.7 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:22.1<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Race Pace</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 107.2 <b>Time:</b> 14:01:24.2 <b>Avg:</b> 00:07:50.9</span><br><br><b>Cooldown</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 38.75 <b>Time:</b> 06:16:17.7 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:42.7<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Cooldown</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 90.75 <b>Time:</b> 13:38:17.9 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:01.0</span><br><br><b>Speed Work</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 125.0 <b>Time:</b> 14:59:45.3 <b>Avg:</b> 00:07:11.9<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Speed Work</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 227.75 <b>Time:</b> 26:23:21.5 <b>Avg:</b> 00:06:57.1</span><br><br><b>Hill Work</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 65.0 <b>Time:</b> 10:06:43.0 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:20.0<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Hill Work</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 168.0 <b>Time:</b> 25:13:44.9 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:00.6</span><br><br><b>Just A Run</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 2201.55 <b>Time:</b> 334:24:15.7 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:06.8<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Just A Run</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 1873.55 <b>Time:</b> 267:36:57.7 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:34.2</span><br><br><b>Warmup</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 52.64 <b>Time:</b> 07:57:16.2 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:04.0<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Warmup</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 99.2 <b>Time:</b> 14:38:47.5 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:51.5</span><br><br><b>Hill Climb</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 32.5 <b>Time:</b> 05:19:29.5 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:49.8<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Hill Climb</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 84.0 <b>Time:</b> 13:11:55.8 <b>Avg:</b> 00:09:25.7</span><br><br><b>Hill Descent</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 32.5 <b>Time:</b> 04:47:13.5 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:50.3<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Hill Descent</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 84.0 <b>Time:</b> 12:01:58.0 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:35.7</span><br><br><b>Grand Total</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 2622.64 <b>Time:</b> 393:13:15.6 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:59.8<br><br><span style="color:#FF0000;"><b>Grand Total</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 2566.45 <b>Time:</b> 361:32:42.6 <b>Avg:</b> 00:08:27.1</span><br><br><b>Races</b><br><b>Date:</b> 01/21/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 16.0<br><b>Name:</b> Boston Prep 16 Miler <b>Location:</b> Derry, NH<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>2:21:01</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 04/01/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 13.1<br><b>Name:</b> Great Bay Half-Marathon <b>Location:</b> Newmarket, NH<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>1:48:30</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 04/14/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 10.0<br><b>Name:</b> Merrimack River 10 Mile Trail Race <b>Location:</b> Andover, MA<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>1:29:16</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 09/15/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 12.7<br><b>Name:</b> Equinox Marathon <b>Location:</b> Fairbanks, AK<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>DNF @ Mile 12.7 due to hypothermia and illness. 2:34:56</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 09/30/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 13.1<br><b>Name:</b> Town of Wilmington Happy Birthday 1/2 Marathon <b>Location:</b> Wilmington, MA<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>1:36:41</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 10/14/2007 <b>Distance:</b> 26.2<br><b>Name:</b> Bay State Marathon <b>Location:</b> Lowell, MA<br><span style="color:#008000;"><b>3:37:15</b></span><br><br><b>Personal Bests</b><br><b>Date:</b> 10/14/2007 <b>Distance:</b>26.2 <b>Time:</b>03:37:15.0<br><b>Date:</b> 09/30/2007 <b>Distance:</b>13.1 <b>Time:</b>01:36:41.0<br><b>Date:</b> 08/18/2007 <b>Distance:</b>10.0 <b>Time:</b>01:10:38.4<br><br>
*EDIT* - I've had some time to "geek" out this afternoon, so I spent some time playing in the database. A few more numbers I broke out:<br><br>
These are 2007 only:<br><br><b>Trail/Off Road Running</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 486.82 <b>Time:</b> 83:23:18.6 <b>Avg:</b> 10:16.7<br><br><b>Track Running</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 257.75 <b>Time:</b> 34:33:15.7 <b>Avg:</b> 8:02.6<br><br><b>Pavement</b><br><b>Miles:</b> 1878.07 <b>Time:</b> 275:16:41.3 <b>Avg:</b> 8:47.7

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Well I am done for the year, but if I had it in me I would go run 7 more miles to reach 1000. Next year I will get there. total for the year 993.

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2,358 miles in 2007. Second best year ever, and about 100 miles short of yearly PR.<br><br>
Less races in 2007, but several marathon and ultra PRs:<br><br>
Bull Run 50 mile: 8:17<br>
Flying Pig Marathon: 3:08 (PR)<br>
Mohican Trail 100: 21:16 (1st 100)<br>
Perfect 10 Mile: 1:03:56 (PR)<br>
Steamtown Marathon: 3:16<br>
Spirit 5km: 18:56 (Only 5k of year)<br>
Grand Rapids Marathon: 3:04 (PR)<br><br>
It's been a couple months since racing - looking forward to lining up again in '08.

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I hate to make a 2nd post, but I posted this tonight on my blog. Details things a little better than just my numbers:<br><br><div style="text-align:center;"><b><i><span style="font-size:x-large;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif;">2007 Is In The Books</span></span></i></b><br><b><i><span style="font-size:x-large;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif;"><span style="font-size:medium;">Year Was Highlighted By Many New Personal Bests</span></span></span></i></b><br></div>
The year 2007 is now in the books for me as a runner. Like many years, 2007 had its good moments and its bad moments. One thing is for certain, 2007 was a different year for me. I set many new personal bests, but for the year, I was slower than I was in 2006.<br><br>
During the month of January, I ran 210.79 miles in 30:05:11.7 or 8:33.8/mile. For the sake of comparison, during January of 2006 I did 214.95 miles in 29:34:25 or 8:15.3/mile. I did run one race during January of 2007. That race was the <b>Boston Prep 16 Miler</b> in Derry, NH that took place on January 21st, 2007. I finished the race in 2:21:01 on a day where the temperature was about 10 degrees above zero and the wind chill was near or below zero.<br><br><div style="text-align:center;"><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><i>Mile 13 of the Boston Prep 16 Mile Race in Derry, NH<br><br></i></div>
When February rolled around, I ended up with a nasty case of the flu. I was sick for about 10 days. The time I lost definitely hurt the numbers. Overall in February I ran 151.34 miles in 22:52:38.7, or a 9:04.2/mile average. Compared to 2006, the numbers were disappointing. During February of 2006 I ran 199.15 miles in 28:08:45.6 for an 8:28.8/mile average. Unfortunately, I was too sick to run during the early part of February, and I had to take the time off to recover.<br><br>
March was yet another disappointing month for me in terms of mileage. During March of 2007 I ran a grand total of just 148.4 miles. The total time was 21:03:07.7 or an 8:30.7/mile pace. In March of 2006, I had run 182.4 miles in 25:47:01.1 or an average mile of 8:28.9/mile.<br><br>
Through the first quarter of 2007, I was 85.97 miles off of the pace I had set in 2006, and I was 17.9 seconds per mile off of the pace from 2006. I was surprised at the way things were going.<br><br>
I opened April of 2007 with a road race. A friend of mine who was a track and cross country star in high school but had never run long distances before called me and asked me if I would be willing to run a 1/2 marathon with him. We signed up for the <b>Great Bay Half-Marathon</b> in Newcastle, NH on April 1st. The 13.1 mile race was run on a beautiful spring day. I ran the first 3 miles with my friend to help him set the pace he was looking to run. Once we hit the mile 3 marker, my friend told me "I've got this made, go ahead and see what you can do." I completed the race in 1:48:29.5. It was definitely nice to help a friend complete his first 1/2 marathon, but I was disappointed in my time, I thought I could do better. I also knew though that this race was almost an after-thought, because I had a 10 mile race on the 14th of April that meant more to me.<br><br>
On April 14th, I competed in my 2nd <b>Merrimack River 10 Mile Trail Race</b>. I had never been much of a trail runner, but in 2006 I had done this race and had a lot of fun at it. I completed my first Merrimack River 10 Mile Trail Race in 2006 race in 1:30:44 and had a great time running it. So when the race rolled around again, I decided to run it again. In 2007 I completed the race in 1:29:16, a 1:28 besting of my previous mark.<br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><div style="text-align:center;"><i>Finish of the 2007 Merrimack River 10 Mile Trail Race<br><br></i></div>
During April I decided to start doing some of my running on the Merrimack River Trail. There were many reasons for this, the biggest of which was I decided to do a trail marathon in September of 2007, and thought the trail running experience would be good. I really did enjoy the running on the trail, especially in the heat and humidity because the trail was in the shade and it was cooler. However, I am much slower running on trails.<br><br>
Overall April has to be considered a disappointment. I only completed 201.5 miles in 29:46:55 for an 8:52.1 average pace. In April 2006, I had done 242.1 miles in 33:38:59.9 for an 8:20.4 average mile. Through April, I was 126.57 miles behind 2006's pace, and was 21.9 seconds per mile off the pace from 2006.<br><br>
Since I had decided early in the year that I was going to do the <a href="" target="_blank">Equinox Marathon</a> this year in September, training was going to start in earnest in May. I decided to follow the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18-week, up to 70 miles per week program with some of the training coming on trails. Because of old injuries, I suspected I had no chance of completing this program. I was fortunate that my body held together and I had no problem with the early part of the program. Overall in May of '07, I ran 260.6 miles in 38:40:12.5 for an 8:54.2/mile pace. The 260.6 miles was a personal best in terms of mileage in a month.<br><br>
Compared to 2006, May was better in terms of mileage but the pace was definitely off. In 2006, I had done 243.35 miles in 33:38:59 for an 8:17.8/mile average. I finished May of 2007 109.32 miles behind 2006 and 25.5 seconds per mile off of the pace I had done in 2006.<br><br>
I continued to follow the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18 week/up to 70 miles per week program during June of 2007. During June of 2007 I set another personal best for miles in a month with 279.84 miles. It took me 44:22:44.2 or an average of 9:30.9/mile for June of 2007. In June of 2006 I had done 239.15 miles in 34:08:20.9 or an average mile of 8:33.9. Some of the difference in speed can be chalked up to considerable trail running this year. It certainly doesn't make up for all of the difference though.<br><br>
So, through the first half of 2007 I was 68.63 miles behind the distance I had run in 2006. The pace per mile was considerably off, as through June I averaged 8:57.1 vs. 8:24.0 in 2006.<br><br>
In July I continued to follow the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18 week, up to 70 miles per week program. Surprisingly, my body held up well during the heat of summer and with the pounding that the program called for. I was able to complete 285.05 miles in July, again, a new personal best for miles in a month. It took me 43:23:48.4 to do the 285.05 miles for an average pace of 9:08.1/mile. For comparison, in July of 2006, I ran 251.75 miles in 36:45:56.2 for a pace of 8:45.7.<br><br>
I closed July 35.33 miles behind my total of 2006. My pace was 31.6 seconds per mile off of my pace from 2006.<br><br>
August of 2007 was another huge month for me in terms of mileage. During August of 2007, I continued on the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18-week up to 70 miles per week program. I finished the month with 283.35 miles, just 1.7 miles under my personal best from July. It took me 44:11:06.5 to run the 283.35 miles for an average of 9:21.4/mile. August of 2006 was a terrible month for me, so I made up considerable ground on the mileage deficit this month. In August of 2006, I did 195.1 miles in 27:53:59.3 for an 8:34.8 average.<br><br>
During August, the plan had called for me to run an 8-15K race as a tune up for the marathon. I couldn't find an appropriate distance race, so I decided to run my normal 10 mile loop as an "individual time trial" style run. I completed the 10 miles in 1:10:38, which was a personal best for 10 miles by 2:14 seconds.<br><br>
In fact, at the end of August, the deficit that had been over 120 miles at the end of April had been completely reversed, and at the end of August I stood 52.92 miles ahead of my 2006 total. I was 34.3 seconds per mile off the pace from 2006.<br><br>
As September began, I was very hopeful. The race I had been training for so hard was just two weeks away. September 15th was the date for the <a href="" target="_blank">Equinox Marathon</a> in Fairbanks, AK. I felt I was in fantastic shape for the Equinox, and I was really looking forward to my 8th Equinox Marathon. I fully expected to run a personal best for the Equinox course.<br><br>
When I arrived in Alaska for the Equinox Marathon, I ended up getting sick with a headache, chest congestion, a fever, and a sore throat. I tried everything I could think of, but I couldn't shake the illness.<br><br>
Race day rolled around, and I felt worse than I had at any time during my trip. I decided to start the race and hope for the best. Unfortunately, starting a 26.2 mile race where you have to climb a mountain is a terrible idea when you have a fever. By the time I got to the top of the mountain, my body temperature was under 95 degrees. I was barely moving, shivering uncontrollably, and was in trouble. Paramedics were at the top of the mountain, and made the right decision when the pulled me off the course. My race was over at mile 12.7.<br><br>
I was disappointed with the result of the Equinox Marathon, but I was <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><i><b>damn proud</b></i></span> of myself for what I had done. I know very few people who would have even started the race in the condition I was in that morning. To complete 12.7 miles, including climbing a mountain, while very sick was quite the accomplishment.<br><br>
I got a little bit of vindication about 2 weeks after the Equinox Marathon. My home town has a half marathon every year, and I decided to compete in that 1/2 marathon. On a nearly perfect day for running, I ran the <b>3rd Annual Town of Wilmington, MA Happy Birthday Half-Marathon</b>. I set a new personal best for the 1/2 marathon distance, at 1:36:41. That bested the mark I had set in the same race 2 years earlier of 1:37:02. I was nearly 10 minutes faster than the 2006 version of the race, but weather conditions were much worse in 2006 than they were in 2007. Overall, I finished 23rd in the 1/2 marathon out of slightly over 100 finishers.<br><br>
Overall, September's mileage total was very low compared to 2006. Much of that is attributable to the marathon and the illness. I ended up doing 158.57 miles in September in 23:31:33.4 for an 8:54.1 average mile. In September, 2006 I ran 214.45 miles in 30:59:15.3 which is an 8:40.2/mile. I ended September about 3 miles behind 2006's total. The average mile for 2007 was 32.3 seconds per mile off of the average for 2006.<br><br>
After the disaster of the Equinox Marathon, I had decided that I needed to run another marathon, and I needed to do one soon. I had run the <b>Bay State Marathon</b> the past 3 years, and since it was scheduled for October 14th, it fit in perfectly for what I was looking to do. I followed the Pfitzinger/Douglas plan for 2 marathons 4 weeks apart. The <b>Town of Wilmington, MA Happy Birthday Half-Marathon</b> fit into that plan.<br><br>
The <a href="" target="_blank">Bay State Marathon</a> is a much different race than the Equinox. The course is very fast and extremely flat. I didn't know what to expect in the race though. I knew I was probably going to run fairly well given all of the training I had done over the summer, but since this wasn't my goal race, I didn't know what to expect. Race day was absolutely beautiful, and I ran very well <a href="" target="_blank">finishing the race</a> in 3:37:15. In the video, that's me in the white top and black shorts yelling "PR Baby" as I crossed the line. Yes, it was a personal best by about 5:42 seconds.<br><br><div style="text-align:center;"><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br></div>
<br><div style="text-align:center;"><i>After the finish of the 2007 Bay State Marathon<br><br></i></div>
Overall, in October I ran 190.25 miles in 28:19:32.8 for an 8:56.0 average mile. Compared to 2006, it was more mileage as I only did 174.25 miles in 2006. The pace was better in 2006 as I did the 174.25 in 24:01:14.7 for an 8:16.3 average mile. I ended October 13.04 miles ahead of 2006's number. The pace was considerably slower, a 9:01.4 vs. an 8:28.5 in 2006.<br><br>
At the end of October, I had run 2169.69 miles. In 2006, I had run 2566.45 miles. I decided that my goal for the rest of 2007 was to break the 2566.45 and set a new personal best for miles in a year. I gave myself a stretch goal of 2600 miles for the year. Secretly, I hoped to get to 2620 miles so I could say I ran the equivalent of 100 marathons in 2007. I knew to reach that, I was going to have to have a very good November.<br><br>
The weather cooperated, and I had a great November. I ran my last trail runs in early November, but the majority of my runs were on pavement in November. I ended up finishing November with 257.7 miles in 38:10:31.7. That's an average of 8:53.3 per mile. In November of 2006, I was considerably faster, averaging 8:15.2 per mile, but the mileage numbers were considerably lower. In November of 2006 I had 201.65 miles in 27:44:15.2. I ended November 69.09 miles ahead of 2006. The pace was 33.2 seconds off of the 2006 pace.<br><br>
I finished November with 2427.39 miles. I was about 140 miles from my personal best, 173 miles from my stretch goal, and about 195 miles from the 2620 miles.<br><br>
December was a rough month. It started with an injury that felt like "turf-toe". It cost me 5 days of running, and I thought for sure the goals were gone. I felt that was especially true when several snow storms came through, and made running very tough (some days impossible). Conditions were icy, slushy and snowy and made for very rough running. Still I managed to do 195.25 miles in 28:45:53.4 for an average mile of 8:50.4. That was less than what I had done in 2006. In December 2006, I had completed 208.15 miles in 29:11:29.5, or 8:24.9/mile.<br><br>
When all was said and done, I finished 2007 at 2622.64 miles in 393:13:15.6 for an average mile of 8:59.8. In 2006, I finished 2566.45 miles in 361:32:41.7 for an average mile of 8:27.1. I ended up 56.19 miles better than 2006. The pace was considerably off. My 2007 average mile was 8:59.8 vs. 8:27.1 per mile in 2006, a difference of 32.7 seconds per mile.<br><br>
Some of that can be attributed to the trail running, but not all of it. In 2006 I ran exactly 10 miles on trails. In 2007, I ran 486.82 miles on trails. The trails average was 10:16.65/mile which 76.85 seconds per mile slower than my average mile for 2007. I also did 257.75 miles on a track. Those miles took 34:33:15.7 and averaged 8:02.62/mile. The rest of the mileage was done on pavement. That was 1878.07 miles in 275:16:41.3 for 8:47.7 per mile.<br><br>
Overall, I have mixed feelings about 2007. I don't like that the pace was so much slower, and the Equinox Marathon was definitely a disappointment. However, there was a lot to be proud of. Consider:<br>
* I successfully completed the Pfitzinger/Douglas 18-week up to 70 miles per week program.<br>
* I set a new PR at 10 miles.<br>
* I set a new PR at 1/2 marathon.<br>
* I set a new PR at the full marathon.<br>
* I set a new PR for miles run in a month.<br>
* I set a new PR for miles run in a week.<br>
* I tied my longest run ever, at 26.7 miles.<br>
* I set a new PR for miles run in a year.<br>
* I set a personal best on the Merrimack River Trail course.<br><br><br>
I feel very fortunate that I was healthy enough to run all of those miles this year. Despite the disaster that was the Equinox Marathon, I feel fortunate to have been there.

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1390.2 total miles in 11 days 5 hours 6 minutes 56 seconds (11:37/mile)<br>
32.9 racing miles ranging from 8:00/mile pace (in a "5k"<img alt="wink.gif" src=""> to 9:42/mile pace (in a half-marathon where I faded badly)<br><br>
Here's looking to 1500 miles this year!

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Well, I started running in April of 2007, and didn't start logging runs until the end of June. So, in the past 6 months I've run <b>363 miles</b>, which I'm pretty excited about.<br><i><span><b>2007 Races:</b></span></i><br>
9/8 - 2M Doggie Dash - 18:00<br>
10/13 - Women's 5k Classic - 29:28<br>
11/18 - Rothman Institute 8k - 47:34<br>
12/8 - Christmas City Classic 5 miler - 43:49<br><br>
I can't wait to see what happens in 2008!

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Okay last winter I actually half-sorta-trained for track and I came up with lots of PRs.<br><br>
800m- 2:12<br>
1600m- 5:04<br>
3200m- 10:34<br>
I also got lucky in the Sectional meet because the kid in front of me got disqualified for the sort of shirt he wore underneath his jersey, so I got to go to state. The sad thing is....I ran my worst 3200m of the year pretty much and got last place by about 20-30 seconds. I was humiliated. I was not gonna let that hapen in XC.<br><br>
I ran the most I had that summer by about 200 miles I think. I don't have my log to check now, but I think it was around that. During the summer I also had a few new PRs.<br><br>
5 mile road race- 30:20<br>
Weekly PR- 53.5 miles<br>
Long run- 14 miles twice<br><br>
Cross country season came and I had a great new PR at the first meet but later find out the course is short. After that I was getting in great workouts, but I don't recover well between meets so the only time I really had great meets was when there was about a week in between, which didn't happen often. Still, I medaled at lots of meets and lead our team except for Sectionals, where disaster struck. But before that I had some PRs.<br><br>
1st ever Pittsville male to get 1st Team All-Conference and highest placed- 6th place<br>
5k XC- 17:41<br><br>
I was really hoping for a big PR the next week at Sectionals but it wasn't too be. I started out at about a 5:40, which is a bit faster than usual, but nothing I hadn't done before. I actually hung on with the last qualifying places for State almost the entire race but was just completely gassed the last 1/2 mile and started losing ground. Then for the first time ever, with about 40m to go, my teammate passed me. I had done miserably and gotten 18th place when I would have needed to get about 10th or so. I ran over a minute slower than I did the week before at Conference. I couldn't believe how upset I was. My XC senior season was over and I did nothing even close to what I wanted to. I limped over to our tent with the aid of an old teammate and just sat down and cried. I couldn't believe it ended like this. My coach came over after a while and told me how proud of me he was and once more I started crying again while he gave me a hug. And a hug from this guy is something special since he isn't the touchy-feely kinda guy. From then on I knew I definitely made him proud and realized that I hadn't done what I wanted but I had done everything in my power. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.<br><br>
It's almost over I swear. <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> I didn't want this almost feeling to happen again so I'm running my butt off this winter and have run far and beyond what I did last winter. I'm working on upping the mileage and running tempos and actually following a plan - a nice lil' book will be my running coach this spring and it's named Daniels' Running Formula 1500-3k training and I've followed it well so far. As to show you my progression since last year...<br><br>
Last winter from the edn of XC to the start of track, I ran 360 miles or so, and so far in November and December I have run 267.5 miles. I think this spring will definitely have some good things happening!<br><br>
Sorry if you're asleep by now...<img alt="blush.gif" src="">

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Probably a better home for this post I logged earlier in RM&D thread.<br><br>
Here's how my year shakes out:<br><br>
Training Miles: 1135.5<br>
Racing Miles: 51.6<br>
Total Miles: 1187.1<br><br>
And there was a pitiful 53 miles of biking in there too.<br><br>
I had hoped for 1200 running miles for the year. I'm quite certain I've never run more than 400 miles in a year before so I guess it was a good year. The calf injury definitely hurt the mileage the last two months but that's life.<br><br>
For 2008 I want to average 30 MPW and get the biking miles up to 500. Dropping about 15 lbs is on the docket is well. I'm down a net of 10 for 2007.<br><br>
Oh yeah, racing accomplishments:<br><br>
1500 Meters - 5:50 (First ever crack at this event in 94 degree heat!)<br>
10K - PR by 3.5 minutes - 47:29<br>
First Half Marathon - 1:44:07<br>
First Marathon - 3:47:40<br><br>
One more detail, 3 toenails lost to running in 2007 <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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1664.57 miles done in 2007, all workouts/races combined.<br><br>
It will take me a while longer to break it down more specifically, though. I'll try to do that later and update it.

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It is always worth it. I know you have had an amazing year. you are a very impressive running. So why not share what you have done. Not all of use are as meticulous as EQ when it come to tracking our running.

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Well it was a mixed bag. Almost had a 300 mile month in March, ended up with 1788 total. Had an injury on April 1st that had me out of commission for two weeks just before the Vancouver marathon. Ran it, had a PR (that wasn't very hard since my first marathon time was a laugh).<br><br>
For 18 miles I was a couple minutes ahead of a BQ, but finished in 4:05 and change due to calf muscle problems.<br><br>
Then I had 6 weeks off due to pneumonia. So... on the whole an up and down year.

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2007 sucketh - Struggled with hip flexor injury most of the year - In retrospect I waited to long to give in and treat it.<br><br>
March 31:17 Point Bock 5 miler- Losing to Alex in Race # 1<br>
April - Nice 1:21:46 1/2 marathon<br>
May - Paced the 3:10 group at the Green Bay marathon<br>
June - Disappointng 2:50:00 Grandmas marathon<br>
July - Split race series with Alex with a respectible 29:07 5 miler<br>
August - Hot and Humid 10K 37:08<br><br>
Went on injured reserve 9/1 for 12 weeks<br><br>
Came back slower than ever in December but running 376 miles in 31 runs<br><br>
Finished with 3,974 miles and needing to lose 40#<br><br>
May 2008 sucketh less than 2007 - And I hope to run at least 1 race each month.

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JohnnyB - Toe nails - It happens to me in marathons, long trail races or if I run more than 30 miles at one time. I have 2 black piggies right now that will fall off in the next month or so.

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I'll try and post more details later, because there are PLENTY, believe me, but I want to say thanks to Dave for convincing me to at least think about it.<br><br>
Running - 2643.9 miles<br>
Elliptical - 2008 miles<br><br>
Much more later. Like when I get home.

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Great job everyone! I ran 1700 miles and PR'ed in all my races... well, I only ran two! I ran a 22:11 5K (I now know I don't care for short races!) and 3:31:4X in marathon.<br><br>
I'm looking forward to more consistent runs and great races:<br><br>
So far on the schedule:<br><br>
Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler (Feb)<br>
Ottawa Marathon (May)<br>
Jay Challenge (July).

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Here we go:<br>
Total Miles: 1713.74 miles<br>
Total Running time: 250 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds<br>
Average Pace: 8:45.5<br>
I ran 251 days out of the year.<br>
Total Races: 13<br>
6 - 5K's<br>
2 - 10 Milers - one of these was a PR.<br>
1 - 15K<br>
2 - Half Marathons<br>
1 - Marathon<br>
1 - 50K<br><br>
Average Actual temp was 67.91<br>
Average Feels like temp was 68.66<br>
Average Humidity was 70.82%<br>
Average Pre run weight: 191.95 - Not happy with this number. Must cut back on the beers during the week this year.<br>
Average Post run weight: 187.69<br><br>
I rowed 20,000 meters<br>
I biked 30 miles<br>
I also played soccer on Tuesday's quite a bit and I did some cross training but not enough.
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