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2007 is almost over. Its time to reflect back on the good and maybe bad...<br><br>
The Good -<br>
I ran my first two 50 mile runs. At the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon, I bonked around mile 40 and had a disappointing time of 11 hours on a "flat" course. Run Rabbit Run 50 was slower (12 hours) but I had less training and the course was more difficult. I placed exactly in the middle of the finishers' list as well!<br><br>
I ran several other beautiful trails races : Umstead Trail Marathon, Salida Marathon, Fruita Spring Desert Trail Running Festival 25M, Collegiate Peaks 25M, Barr Trail Mountain Race, Breck Crest Marathon, and Leadville Trail Marathon.<br><br>
I had a half marathon PR (> 7 minutes improvement) at Rock Canyon Half Marathon in Pueblo. Even better, my previous PR was at sea level.<br><br>
I decided I graduated to a mid-pack runner with an average pace of 9:50 for the Disney World Marathon in January.<br><br>
Visited Yosemite NP with the DH. It was wonderful to be in the physical shape to handle multiple 10+ mile hikes.<br><br>
The Bad<br>
2 DNFs : Greenland 50k (I *HATE* MUD) and Breck Crest Marathon (turned my ankle too many times and Run Rabbit Run was two week away).<br><br>
Discovered Montrail Continental Divides are NOT the perfect trail shoe for courses greater than 10 miles. The size 9's banged up my toes and 9.5's ripped up the back of my ankle. I went through several pairs of different trail shoes (not all returnabled/exchangable) before I found a shoe that could take the distance (La Sportiva Fireblade).<br><br>
Was too busy at the end of the year to run the Rim Rock Run in Grand Junction. Its my favorite road race and the course is changing next year to a marathon distance. What's wrong with 37k?<br><br>
Happy New Year!<br>
Chris G

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The Good:<br><br>
THREE (3) 100 Mile finishes. McNaughton, Sub-24 at Vermont and Grand Teton.<br><br>
Running a 50K PR of 5:35 at Pineland Farms (Maine) on Memorial Day Weekend.<br><br>
Running a marathon PR of 3:37 and then running finishing the Stonecat Ale 50 Miler in 10:34... then running and setting the speed record for New Hampshire Belknap Range (13 peaks - 23 Miles) in under 8 Hours just 40 hours after Stonecat.<br><br>
Still No DNF's in 3 years of running.<br><br>
The Bad:<br>
Horrendous Blisters from Pittsfield Peaks.<img alt="razz.gif" src="">ukeright:

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Congrats Chris and SJ! I envy your running locales.<br><br>
I too had a tremendous year 2007. I only ran two ultra races this year, but it was the culmination of a few years work. My first 100 and a 50M PR:<br><br>
Bull Run Run 50M - 8:17<br>
Mohican Trail 100 - 21:16<br><br>
Ran one marathon PR (3:08 ) while training for the 100, which gave me the idea I could go a little faster. Indeed, I ended the year with 3:04.<br><br>
I discovered that I like running roads and trails equally. I also reaffirmed that the whole Massanutten 100 scares me. <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br>
I also captained a crazy double aid station (25+ volunteers) at the Burning River 100. That day was just as rewarding (and tiring) as running the 100.<br><br>
I remind myself that I still owe a Mohican report.

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I had a great year as well. No DNFs this year which almost<br>
disappointed me after my two last year! Started out with a tune-up<br>
at Holiday Lake 50k++ which I was not in shape for yet, but helped<br>
open my eyes, finishing in 5:36 or so. Then ran Washington's birthday<br>
marathon in not near PR but very high winds and cold temps where<br>
dozens dropped out and I finished 9th place in 3:23. Secured my<br>
next Boston qualifier with zero seconds to spare in 3:15:59 at<br>
Lower Potomac River Marathon. Paced my friend to her Boston qual<br>
in 3:45 the next week at B&A marathon. Followed up with a 14 minute<br>
PR at HAT run 50k in 4:49, taking it conservatively. First 100 finish<br>
at Umstead the next weekend in 18:53, also setting a new 50 mile<br>
PR in the first 50 split of 7:53. Two weeks later hit a new marathon<br>
PR at Boston in 3:11:56. Had a great race at Promise Land in 5:57.<br>
Not fully recovered, Frederick Marathon kicked my butt the next weekend-<br>
I had a great PR pace going until mile 21 when I hit a 20+ mph headwind,<br>
finishing in 3:18. New PRs in Olympic distance tri and half ironman<br>
over the next 3 weeks. Had sinus surgery - no exercise at all for<br>
a couple of weeks. Came back to Catoctin 50k in July, which beat<br>
the crap out of me with the 95 degree temps and my miserable<br>
level of fitness - 7:03, I believe. A few shorter races in between, then<br>
I hit a PR at Baltimore Marathon of 3:09. Great race at Mountain<br>
Masochist a few weeks later in 9:12, over an hour faster than last<br>
year and 100% happier during the race. Two weeks later, I beat<br>
my Umstead 50 split and almost 30 minutes better than last year<br>
with 7:46 at JFK50. The next weekend, the NCR trail marathon whipped<br>
the crap out of me. Had a nice PR pace going until mile 12, when I<br>
strained my hamstring and my body said, "no mas!" I took it easy<br>
for the rest (actually quite enjoyed it) and finished with my worst of<br>
the year in 3:24, none too ashamed. Then I took a break and now<br>
I'm back to fitness rebuilding mode, hopefully in time for Rocky Raccoon!

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The good: PRs at 100 Miles, 21.1km, and 5K; ran a 100 miler step for step with my wife; did a couple of really excellent solo night runs in the woods.<br><br>
The bad: I tried to run solo from Ottawa to Kingston (~300km), but was thwarted by my choice to start the run on the hottest day of the summer.<br><br>
The ugly: Aftter the September 100 miler my wife had to spend a night in hospital.

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my first 100 miler in the spring, 27:13? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br>
some age group awards (3 first, 1 2nd)<br>
completing the Grand Tetons 100 miler.<br>
finishing the North Face Endurance 50 miler where almost all the participants dropped out. I was fourth female overall, survival of the fittest <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
50K PR (though i am hoping for another 50K PR next week <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> )

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In 20+ years of doing endurance events, 2007 was by far the best year ever for me so far! Despite turning 40+ years old I set some new PRs and finished some new kinds of events too. I was such a total wimpy clutz at sports when I was a kid I never dreamed I would do this all some day...<br><br>
The Good:<br>
Eastern States 20: built back my confidence lost due to a torn calf issue all winter. Longest run on pavement I've ever done.<br><br>
Mooseman half iron tri: new PR just over 5 hours.<br><br>
Fireman tri: got creamed on the bike but had 3rd fastest run overall.<br><br>
Pats Peak: finished my first 6 hour solo mountain bike event, mid pack.<br><br>
Jay XC Challenge: 3rd in age group; I was so psyched to cut over an hour off previous year's dehydrated death walk to the finish.<br><br>
24 Hours of Great Glenn: survived my first 24 hour solo mountain bike and set a PR for my longest ever ride on road or trail.<br><br>
Hamphire 100k: survived this tough mtn bike ride only 1 week after the 24 hour.<br><br>
Lobsterman Tri: ok finish despite nasty weather.<br><br>
Vermont 50: finished about 1.5 hours faster than in 2006, felt like I was flying on the single track.<br><br>
Bradbury Mtn 12 mile trail race: 3rd overall.<br><br>
Stone Cat 50: it was painful, but made my 8 hour time goal and new PR with a minute to spare.<br><br>
The Bad:<br>
Wapack trail race: DNF due to rolled ankle, but blessing in disguise because it forced a much needed rest and a return to strength training.<br><br>

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A <i>very</i> full year for me. I completed at least one race or other event every month except in December:<br><br>
I did the whole Oregon Trail Ultramarathon series (50K x 4, 60K X 1, 50 mile x 1, and 100K x 1), except for my DNF 3 miles from the Waldo 100K finish line. I also ran 50K at Bridle Trails, 50K at Chuckanut, did the WS Memorial Day weekend training runs, paced 40 miles at WS, and ran a 100K race in October to make up for the August DNF. I also did 2 marathons. Whew! I'm tired.<br><br>
For year # 3 of my trail running life I'm planning to attempt my first 100 miler. Probably Headlands Hundred in August. Maybe a few other races thrown in because they make for good supported training runs.<br><br>

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Overall, my 2007 was fairly good.<br><br>
The bad included:<br>
- a DNS of my 6th Dirty Duo 50k due to my youngest kid getting the flu the night prior (not a big deal, really).<br>
- missing S.T.O.R.M.Y. 50 miler due to my other kid's horse camp show (again, not a big deal...running can wait another day).<br>
- injuring my ankle due to a skateboard accident & missed Mountain Highway Madness, Cle Elum 50k, & Baker Lake 50k<br><br>
The Race highlights:<br>
-starting the year with the Fat Ass 50 & polar bear swim<br>
- completing my 2nd Vancouver 100...finishing 2nd. This year will always be remembered for the 10' of snow over the high country where three of us leaders worked together to stay on course.<br>
-completing the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 & enjoying the R&R that went with it.<br><br>
The Spontaneous:<br>
- running the high alpine singletrack of Singing Pass near Whistler<br>
- jetting down to pace TimLooney (OrangeShorts) at Western States. I only realized that it was possible on the Tuesday before the race. Great times with the lovely E, RocketPack, KateMD, & sierra.<br>
- running the Grand Canyon R2R2R with 5 of the best running buddies I know. The whole trip (including over 3000 miles of driving) took less than 4 days...& with less than 3 weeks planning/organizing.<br>
- Bringing my running gear with me on my work travel & getting to run in some really cool places. Among them: Hyde Park in London, along the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Isserlohn Germany, Central Park NY, & the Las Vegas Strip .

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I had been running marathons for the prior 3 years, and ran my first ultra in 2006 (Mt. Hood PCT 50-miler), and have fallen in love with trail running. I had run 23 marathons and 1 ultra prior to 2007, and here are the numerous highlights for 2007:<br><br>
Marathons - 5 (PR - 2:56:32 at Arizona Rock n Roll)<br>
50Ks - 13 (PR - 4:20 at Angel Island)<br>
50-Milers - 3 (PR - 9:18 at San Diego PCT50)<br>
100-Milers - 5 (PR - 17:40 at Heartland)<br><br>
I set at least 15 PRs this year and won my first race ever at the Big Basin Redwoods 50K. This win, along with the marathon PR and Heartland 100, and pacing a fellow trail running group member the last 42 miles of the Javelina Jundred were definitely my highlights of the year.<br><br>
Ultra runners have to be just about the nicest people around, and half the fun of doing races is meeting and seeing new and old faces and catching up on how people are doing.<br><br>
I have especially fallen in love with 100-milers, there is just something so special about these events. Luckily, I have had my name selected for Western States and will be attempting the Grand Slam in 2008 - should be quite a year!

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I know, in the text yet! How cool is that?? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Of course, we now have to go back to the race next year so that we can be the "my goal is to give someone else the Wolf Hat" story.

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I will be and I know merigayle is, probably some others on here. It will<br>
be interesting because I never really get into shape until the beginning of<br>
March. I tried to take a little bit less time off this year to see if I can<br>
change that.

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OK! This confirmed my suspicion that you were Jesse <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
I will be there, as will Kimba i believe <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> I am looking forward to it. February is coming fast! wheeeeee.<br><br>
jesse- you took time off? what? two weeks in December? <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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