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Since I have run my last run for this year here are the raw numbers from my runninng log.<br><br><br><b>Running:</b><br>
Total Miles: 1458.15<br>
Total Time: 213:35:08<br>
Average Pace: 8:47<br>
Average Actual Temp: 71.42<br>
Average Feels like Temp: 72.29<br>
Average Pre Workout Weight: 192.37<br>
Average Post Workout Weight: 188.12<br><br><b>Rowing:</b><br>
Total Meters: 56,826<br>
Total Time: 3:55:40<br>
Average 500M split: 2:04.4<br><br><br><b>Biking</b><br>
Total Miles: 94<br>
Total Time: 5:24:08<br>
Average MPH: 17.4<br><br>
Once I dig up my 2005 log I can offer up some comparisons from the previous year.

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Good work Florida, that's great mileage under your running conditions.<br><br>
2006 Goals - to avg 1 hpd running and to do 365 runs. I was over on daily avg but a bit under on num of runs. Total miles was 137 better than my best ever year, which was 2001 in 2001. So a new PB for miles.<br><br>
Total Miles -2,138<br>
Total Time - 385 hrs<br>
Number of runs - 352<br>
Avg HR - 140 (76%)<br><br>
Coldest run - 8 miles at -20C. A long ways from my PR of 7 miles at -39C and 20 miles at -26C (That last one led to my avatar.)

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Here are some more numbers I finally pulled together today.<br><br><br>
16 Races<br>
Total Miles Raced: 133.77<br>
Total Time: 20:38.43<br>
Average pace: 9:16<br><br>
Fun Runs - 2<br>
1 Mile - 1<br>
5K ? 7<br>
4 Mile - 1<br>
8K - 1<br>
15K ? 2<br>
Half Marathon - 2<br>
Marathon ? 1<br>
50K ? 1

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I kept very detailed logs from 1979 to 1988...then very sketchy until 1997.<br><br>
My logs for 97-05 were generally just where, who with, how far, how fast, shoe mileage totals<br><br>
For 2006 I kept no log whatsoever as I just didn't feel like it.<br><br>
I ran exactly two races...a 10K and a 10 miler... after averaging about 10 per year for the previous 8 years.<br><br>
That was my sabbatical. I should have taken a sabbatical from eating. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Back to lgging my runs for 2007...and I'm already commited to 4 races.
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