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Well - the fattie might be plus-sized, but she's purty ... Did you like the movie? Seems like it's probably a good one (is Tom Hanks ever in bad films?).

Glad you treated yourself to the ski-lesson, SB. Sure looks like a lot of work when I see people doing it, but boy - do they put my shuffling to shame speed-wise. Bet you had fun! Oh - and whenever I see the word "otters", I think of my DD's first swim team (Oyster River Otters).

Took off Friday/Saturday. Saturday ended up being kitchen centric - attempted to put in the new microwave - but it came up banged up a bit from UPS (one corner kind of munged and side was warped/outdented a bit). Powered on - so attempted to install, but didn't fit great - and the interior light stayed on (so probably means the door lock was broken somehow - even though it closed). At any rate - decided to cut losses and took it back down and filed a claim with UPS. Sigh ... so without a microwave for a while more.

Oh - and ended up Zwifting today ... nice energetic hour/25 miles. One moderate effort 5 mile lap, followed by one hard lap, followed by moderate, followed by hard, followed by attempted race lap.
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