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1st race of 2008?

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<span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Race : Duathlon Run/Bike/Run 7.5km/30km/5km</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Race Venue : Clark, Philippines</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Race Date: February 10, 2008</span><br><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Splits: 33.40/1:07:02/23:40 – 2:04:52</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Results: 50/98 overall 6/12 age group</span><br><br><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">While most of you guys are training hard for the upcoming racing season, I just had the pleasure to start my race season this last weekend with a duathlon.</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Prior to the race I was aiming to finish in the top 5 for my age group. I am still satisfied with the result, especially with my run legs where I got my new PRs for each distance. For the bike leg, I was disappointed with my timing, but I forgot how hard it is to bike after the 1st run leg. Compared to last year performance I improved of more than 9 minutes, so I should consider my self happy.</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">What’s next for me? An Oly for the last weekend of February and the same Du version 2.0. Will keep you posted.</span><br><span style="font-family:'Trebuchet MS';">Happy and safe training to everyone!</span><br>
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Hey good job.<br><br>
You need to put RR in the topic header so we know there is a report! This one slid by me with all the nonsensensical threads floating around here.
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