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My natural gas bill. I pay it on a plan so I pay a set amount each month and then the balance is due in July.<br><br>
Well because the winter was so cold and the price of NG is so high that is my balance as of right now.<br><br>
I am dis.gust.ed right now. I'm moving in October. As much as I love my house and the location I will not put myself through another winter like this. OH and I'm always cold so it really really pisses me off.
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Good lord! That's for ONE MONTH???? Were you drinking it for tea?! LOL I don't have NG but my electric bills for my little apt have been crazy high (nearly $200) even with the temperate winter where I could turn off the heat for a week or so each month! Another reason I love spring!! Can't wait to save money at least for a few months!
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