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My natural gas bill. I pay it on a plan so I pay a set amount each month and then the balance is due in July.<br><br>
Well because the winter was so cold and the price of NG is so high that is my balance as of right now.<br><br>
I am dis.gust.ed right now. I'm moving in October. As much as I love my house and the location I will not put myself through another winter like this. OH and I'm always cold so it really really pisses me off.
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oh yeah and my electric bill has been between 175 and 187 for the last 4 months too!
seriously the more I sit here and think about it the more pissed I get. And then I look at rent prices and it pisses me off more.<br><br>
Currently I have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom farm house with a ton of land 3 out buildings including a barn with horses. A huge garden and peace and freaking quiet. My rent is 575.<br><br>
I'm looking at 1 bedroom apartments that are 650 and they don't even freaking have a garage or laundry in them!!!! WTF????
and as for the guy who works at liquid Logic, is he going to be in WI this weekend for the ginormous kayak show? Cuz this weekend is going to be the one light in my life for a while.
no it's not for one month its a continuing bill but it averages out to about $450 per month plus the 175 for the electric bill.<br><br>
I swear last year it wasn't this expensive
I really shouldn't complain it is a stable home with a good roof over my head. It's more than a lot of people have.
the kayak show is like Christmas for me. I spend all 3 days there the first day is mainly shoe and sandle shopping. The other 2 days is sitting through seminars and looking at paddle porn.
I have heard of it and some day I will get there! I can't wait to go see it, maybe next summer when I plan a trip I will have to make it out there.
see that's what I thought I was doing! But apparently either I didn't understand it when it was presented to me or I was flat out wrong!.
Nice sales pitch... I don't own the house. Basically its a ginormous piece of crap house with a life sucking piece of crap heating system. Honestly if I didn't have a temp roommie who has a 9 month old it would be about 10 degrees cooler in the house. I'm never really there so it wouldnt' matter to me much.
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