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My natural gas bill. I pay it on a plan so I pay a set amount each month and then the balance is due in July.<br><br>
Well because the winter was so cold and the price of NG is so high that is my balance as of right now.<br><br>
I am dis.gust.ed right now. I'm moving in October. As much as I love my house and the location I will not put myself through another winter like this. OH and I'm always cold so it really really pisses me off.
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I feel your pain. Our heating oil bill for last month was $499. Yep it hasn't been pretty. We have an antique cape, use a wood stove in our down stairs, auto thermostat that goes to 55 while we are at work and 11-5:30 each night. Max temp during day when home is 63. ( My favorite advice to anyone in home - put on a sweater or fleece... Start the wood stove. Or go outside and when you come back in it will seem warm!<br>
I will be cancelling auto delivery on oil this month and will not take delivery till almost out in April hopefully when the price might drop. The oil industry i ( "W" and his cronies) are doing what I expected before he leaves office... and yanking the price and profits sky high.<br>
It is a part of living in the north here so we will cope. DH has another oil tank he will install this summer and I WILL buy MUCH more when prices go down in the summer.(She said hopefully!) I also want to look into a more efficient burner - as ours is fairly old.
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