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First I need to make a shout-out to Boomer Goddess Enkephalin who I saw both at the start and finish. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hello1"> We lined up together but with the delayed start I tried to get in one last potty break (but didn't make it). I did see her again right around the 1mi mark turnaround and then at the end.<br><br>
This race was in downtown Kirkland, WA, near my office. The day was cloudy and cool, about 40 with a light wind. This is the one and only 12K of the year, and as usual they had a small sign at each K with a picture of each "day" of xmas on it.<br>
Fashion report: (all nike) black long sleeve top, blue/gray shorts, visor, black gloves to start, NB 857, garmin 305.<br>
This is a fairly hilly course, but since my office is literally on the course, I run these hills all the time. That didn't really help me today. I haven't felt well lately. I missed last week's 5K due to a kidney stone. I had to bail on Friday's 5.5 miler over a lot of the course at 4 miles when I just felt tired and had no strength whatsoever. Today I felt better but not 100%. My kid had a fever on Friday so I know something's going around.<br>
So here's the breakdown:<br>
1 10:30 +99<br>
2 10:02 -56<br>
3 11:24 +148<br>
4 11:23 +91<br>
5 9:20 -213<br>
6 10:12 0<br>
7 10:06 -71<br>
.5 4:46 -5<br><br>
I don't think the elevations are all that accurate but you can get a general sense of how hilly it is.<br>
The last couple miles I really tried to get down to 5K pace but I really didn't have much in me. I couldn't even get to 10K pace.<br><br>
Final stats:<br>
Current course record:<br>
1:21:44 (10:57)<br>
Current 10K PR pace: 9:57<br>
New course record:<br>
1:17:46 (10:25)<br>
A ~4 minute PR and 32 seconds/mile faster <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
Well, that's the last race of the year. I've had 11 out of 14 races be PR's at that distance. (which I guess a PR for PR's)

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nice racing!<br>
I didn't realize you lived in Sammamish. I live a stone's throw from there for awhile - about 2 yrs or so. Just on Lake Sammamish Way and Leary in Redmond. I'm sure the area has changed so much from when I lived there - there were/are some condo's called "Sammamish Waterway" or something like that. can hardly remember it now. Anyways - I loved living there.<br><br>
Thanks for the RR, iapetus! I hope to meet you sometime at one of the many PNW gatherings that occur!<br><br>
(p.s. - for future reference, RR's go in the FinishLine Forum. One of the moderators will likely move it over for you)

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Kidney stone...those are awful.....really painful....I had one many years ago and was out of it for a day.<br><br>
Congrats on the great PR .......many for the year......<br><br>
Now you can take it easy for the next few weeks...<br><br><br>
Ardmore, OK.

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Hey, Boomer God aka Iapetus999, (better fonts at KR!) it was great to see you again. You did a great run. It was a hard course, no doubt about that. I spent at least an hour yesterday carefully calculating the elevation changes each mile so that I can justify my final time, and hopefully try to impress upon others the hill factor of this race.<br><br>
So KR has this thing about posting race reports in the masters forum....not sure why they don't approve of it, but anyway, next time you can post a link to it.<br><br>
That is what I will try to do.<br>
Haven't started the report yet.
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