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11.9.11 Wednesday's awesome thread

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<p>A diet pepsi toast to Heme having a better day, HF's massage lasting, and RIP feeling better.  Wonder if Bob got lost in the big city?<br><br>
58 degrees this morning with 22 mph N winds.  Felt good while running but not while standing around talking and wet.   Roller coaster temps for us with Fri morning down to 41 and still windy.  'Tis good to run in for us.</p>
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<p>10 moh this morning w/ last 2 miles at 7:15 and 6:45.  Feeling pretty good.<br><br>
Making plans to go to Knoxville in April w/ one nigh layover in Nashville.   I did not realize Atlanta is as close to Knoxville as Nashville is to Knoxville.   Anyway we will drive from Knoxville after the race back to Nashville, then fly to Atlanta to get back to TX.  Got plans to see Pie, Pickles, and our very own Pirate.  Maybe RIP should come down too as it can't be too far from you.</p>
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<p>Have an awesome day y'all</p>
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<p>Hi KS,  7 hours for me as I was just down there for a 10 miler.  Maybe I can run the half.</p>
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<p>Still a headcold for right now so nothing serious.  I'll do another easy eliptical workout today.</p>
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<p>Planning on a 14 mile hilly trail race near pittsburgh on sunday.  After my last run, I'm still deciding</p>
<p>whether to jump in a marathon and see what I can do. </p>
<p>Hi Euphie</p>
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<p>Got my easy 30 minutes in on the eliptical again today.  Tomorrow I am finally going to get to the trails I wanted to run a few days ago.  Temps are supposed to cool</p>
<p>down  in the 40s.  Headcold is still more irritation than feeling bad and my legs feel great so I don't know how long the run will be tomorrow.  Thinking about 90-120 minutes</p>
<p>at a nice easy pace.</p>
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