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10k and half marathon a week apart?

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Hi folk--<br><br>
Just wondering whether this is over the borderline btw wise and foolish. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
The 10k is on 3/2 and the half-marathon is on 3/9. I had actually hoped to find a 5k to use as a tune-up/tempo run the week before but no luck--the 10k is the only one reasonably convenient to where I live. I figure I'd recover pretty quickly from a 5k if I went overboard, and it wouldn't much affect the half marathon, which I plan to run as a "progression run" (pick up as I go along).<br><br>
Neither one is my "goal race." I like the 10k though b/c it's a nice flat out-and-back course that gives me feedback on how my training is going.<br><br>
The half is a USATF circuit race, and as I'm in a USATF club, I don't want to embarrass myself too much, but nor do I feel the need to tear up the course just yet (although maybe I'm ready to do so: I recently did a 3x1 mile repeat workout at about 20 seconds per mile faster than I expected).This is a fairly hilly race w/ a serious uphill in the last half mile. (I LOVE the race--partly because of the hills, also b/c there's a wonderful, scenic park section that I really enjoy.)<br><br>
So with this info, what would you suggest I do:<br><br>
--Use 10k as all-out race and then use whatever is left to run the half;<br><br>
--Run the 10k conservatively and push the half;<br><br>
--Skip the 10k entirely and focus on the half. If I did this, I'd run 8-10 miles easy the day of the 10k.<br><br>
Thanks for your suggestions!
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I'm with Liam..... I'd run the 10K hard and then everything easy (and nothing long) between 10K and HM...... you should be able to put in a good effort in both races.
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