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10/18 Weigh in

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<p>10/4 229</p>
<p>LW ????</p>
<p>CM 224</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Goal = less fat</p>
<p> </p>
<p>10/3 Milwaukee Marathon 2:59</p>
<p>10/10 Glacial 50 Mile 9:11 - 10,500 feet elevation +/- and 30 minutes lost to GI issues</p>
<p>10/23 Door COunty 50 Mile</p>
<p>11/20 Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon</p>
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<p>SW 241</p>
<p>LW 223</p>
<p>CW 219.5</p>
<p>Week -3.5</p>
<p>Total -21.5</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Last week I was heavy because of race recovery. Back under 220 with no special diet. Went for a half marathon pr on the track again, this time I got it. Hit half way in 49:55, but then my hip got sore and hammies started  to ache and I fell off that pace. Maybe too soon after the marathon. I had enough of a cushion to hold on for an 11 second 10 mile pr and a 30 second half marathon pr. The only major pr still to break is for the mile. I will try for that on the track later  this week. The only race left is a 10miler.</p>
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<p>If I want to keep improving I can't pack on 25 lbs over the winter like I normally do. I will make an effort to keep the miles up and the calories down.</p>
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<p>I thought about entering a 50k race last Saturday. But it would have meant hitting the road at 430am, paying the race day fee, it had a lot of ups and downs, I didn't have any race gear ready, and it as only 7 days after a marathon pr. With virtually no hill work, still in recovery and all the other obstacles I decided to wait until next year to go ultra and set my sites on the half marathon pr on sunday instead.</p>
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<p>Good luck everybody.</p>
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