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Today, I sent $1000.00 to my brother to begin paying off the running log. This is a good thing!<br><br>
What does this mean? It means we can begin the next step of development for our running log. I will contract someone to build the necessary modules to complete the log and pay per module and not per hour.<br><br>
The assignments have been made in the "Projects" area of the site. As we move closer to beginning, we'll have more news on it.<br><br><br>
So far, the subscription service has generated enough to get us in a position to actively finishing the log. Subscriptions have slowed in the last few days - Hopefully, it will pick up as we go live with the new permissions based viewing.<br><br><br>
I'm guessing we'll need about $1000.00 additional funds to complete the log. I'll pay for that as the modules are completed and have put in reserve enough to begin this process. My goal is to have the site 100% paid for by year end. Meaning the log completely finished and Cliff paid back and enough money to pay for 2009 server fees.<br><br><br>
Thanks for supporting the site and thanks for any feedback you would like to offer.<br><br><br>
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