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  1. Triathlon and Multi-Sport Forum
    Hello,<br> So I like most of you probably have a cupboard full of water bottles.<br> I have tried freezing my fluids to keep them cold for the longer rides.<br> Well that just doesn't seem to be working. The fluids are still melted and already progressing to warm or hot after an hour or so on...
  2. Extreme Running
    50+ milers without a crew<br><br> I am trying to figure out how to not need a drop bag for nutrition and carry everything I will need for 50M-100k races.<br><br> I would like to avoid doing anything but filling up a hand held(s) at aide stations<br><br> 2 things: 1) A waist pack that is easy to...
  3. Extreme Running
    Hey guys,<br> I am having a hard time finding a bottle carrier that doesnt bounce all over and make me feel like <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="puke"> over 10 miles. i have tried a single bottle fuel...
  4. Extreme Running
    I am looking at a new pack. I am kind of tall just about 6'2" so most are too short. The camelback fourteener looks Ok and it seems to be long enough. I know Golight has sized packs but I would have to order that blind they only retail in Colorado!
  5. Extreme Running
    I need more liquids than the handhelds get me. Any gear reviews or opinions would help me decide on a pruduct. And I'm small framed, so I'd like to hear from women on the shorter side and what works for them.
  6. Triathlon and Multi-Sport Forum
    Two questions about the subject above - 1. gaterade vs. accelerade, and 2. amount<br><br> 1. I have been taking gaterade during training runs simply because that is what many races offer. However, for the last 2 or 3 long and med. long runs, I took accelerade and it seemed that I was...
  7. Triathlon and Multi-Sport Forum
    Ok, how about an actual training thread?<br><br> Who practices good hydration during winter long runs? I am guilty of leaving the water bottle at home. My longest runs since it turned cold have been 2 hours. I am pretty thirsty when I get home from those, and have told myself, anything longer...
  8. Extreme Running
    What do you use?<br><br> I was using the Ultimate Direction Wasp but never quite liked the way it fit.<br><br> Now I just use hand helds but would like to see what other options are available.
  9. The Race Expo - Running Gear
    <a href="" target="_blank">A NYT article about waist hydration packs..</a><br><br> The article is short, click on the pics for the reviews.
1-9 of 9 Results