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  1. The Starting Gate
    Can someone give me the basics on the use of a Heart Rate Monitor?<br><br> Can you point me to a book or website with some good information on using one?<br><br> As a beginner should I not consider using one?<br><br> Thanks,<br> Dan
  2. The Race Expo - Running Gear
    Anyone have any suggestions for HR monitor. I was looking at the Polar F6???<br> Never really thought about buying one till now, read some interesting info re: benefits etc.. long runs, etc..<br> Suggestions??<br> Thanks
  3. The Race Expo - Running Gear
    HI,<br> Does anyone have suggestions for a HRM that doesn't need/have to use a chest strap? Are the wrist ones very accurate?<br><br> Thanks in advance!
  4. Running "Clubs"
    We could be a new club <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br> I tried HRM training this year last time and had great success with it - I was running 15-20 miles effortlessly, albeit very slowly. My HRM died <img alt="sad.gif"...
  5. The Starting Gate
    Hello everyone,<br> I was wondering if you find it useful to wear a heart rate monitor for short distances, such as a 3 mile run. Sometimes it's a little frightening to see my heart-rate so high (177) when I wear it, but I haven't keeled over yet so I assume that it's OK. My husband had gotten...
  6. The Race
    Do you? What heart rates do you aim for per run?<br><br> Got any good links about this?
1-6 of 6 Results