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  1. The PostRace Tent
    Just curious what everyone wears.<br><br> I've been in Brooks Adrenalines for 6 years, but today I checked myself out and I am now a neutral runner. The Asics Nimbus fits me like a glove!
  2. Masters Club
    Thanks!<br> eta-I already see a common thread. I used to like Asics, too. I think I still have some in my garage from about 2005 for some reason.
  3. Triathlon and Multi-Sport Forum
    I've been wearing Brooks Adrenalines almost since I started running. I started in 6's and now I think they are up to 9's. So LOTS of Adrenalines!!!<br><br> I had a bit of trouble towards the end of marathon training when I switched from 6's to 7's. Then again going from 8's to 9's. I end up...
  4. The Race Expo - Running Gear
    So I generally run in either asics kayunos or the asics 2100 series. However the last couple versions of the kayunos bothered the top of my foot so I had to ditch that style. Now I have probably bought 5 pairs of 2100 series shoes in the past few years. Every single pair of them has developed...
  5. The Race Expo - Running Gear
    I used new balance shoes for about 8 years, but had to stop using them when they went to a skinnier last. I started wearing Sauconys, and they are comfortable for short/medium runs. When I run longer runs or very hilly runs, I get blisters on the tops of my toes. When I ran the marathon, I got...
  6. Extreme Running
    I'm deferring to you experts here. I plan on running trails this summer and am going to buy some trail shoes. Here are my questions:<br><br> * Do I buy them a size up just like my road shoes?<br> * Are they categorized the same way as road shoes, such as neutral, stability, etc?<br><br> My road...
  7. Triathlon and Multi-Sport Forum
    Well, I got a $100 gift card for Christmas to my local running store. The Austin Half Marathon is just a month away, and my current shoes have about 300 miles on them, so I figure it's time for new shoes. I'm currently wearing Asics Nimbus. I walked in asking for them, but they didn't have them...
1-7 of 7 Results