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HASH TRASH from Marathon Weekend.... DUBLIN HASH #1117

In Polly's absence again (he gets around!), here I am again as
unofficial substitue Hash Trasher. Well, this weekend it was time for
23,400 feet to be pounding the streets of Dublin in the annual
Marathon, and in True Hash Fashion, we celebrated the fact by
Welcoming visiting Hashers with a Sunday Morning Sightseeing Hash,
hared by yours truly (again in Polly's absence!). With the clocks
going back on Saturday night - I was never sure what time it was when
I set off laying trail, but thankfully everyone seemed to make it to
the Shelbourne Hotel for 11 am, and we were had one of our biggest
hashes for a while ready to lock and load, and naturally Louis
Copeland was late!

There were 8 wonderful hashers with us from Stockholm, and hopefully I
have this right, Big Mouth, Big Brother, Little Brother, John Cleese,
Ditch Bitch, Horny Tail, Swinger and Laid Bird, with Just Sam going
missing, but did manage the Marathon on Monday (Ummm, is that True
Hashing?). We also welcomed the RA ftrom Cape Cod, and formerly of
Hawaii, Scooby Do Me, and his wonderful wife, Slurpee. They had
managed to keep me out earlier in the week as they sampled the beer of
Dublin - well somebody had to do it! A couple of Hashers from Phoenix
Wrong Way came along to see us off, but declined to hash due to having
parents - Best excuse I've heard for a while!

Dublin was well represented with Hate Crime, Love Seat, Wedgie, Pubic
Hare Dresser, Semi-Precious, and Louis Copeland in attendance, with
Miss **** returning from her World Tour, and More Cargo arriving later
with the Haberdashery.

We set off all ways, but eventually true trail was found, and then
lost as the erectors of the Marathon Finish Line wouldn't let the pack
through, despite me agreeing it with them 10 minutes earlier - and it
was up to Wedgie to lead the detour around and back onto trail on
Mount Street, before heading down to the Canal, and into docklands.
There were plenty of Hash Views on this run, and thankfully as the
Front Runners (with a couple of notable exceptions John Cleese and
Scooby were in a world of their own!) stoped to take pictures, the
pack was able to re-group, then immeadiately get lost again.

We crossed the river, more pics with the famine hashers on the North
Wall, a trip around the Custom House, and the Eternal Flame (it was
out!), before a trip down the Polish Quarter, and off to the Spire. We
circled up around the Spire, and then Slurpee tried to commit Hash
Suicide in front of a Dublin Bus, but Wedgie pulled her safe - It
would have been messy. Passed the GPO, a couple of false trails, and
it was Photo Time with the Hags with the Bags, and at some statue
too!, before crossing over the Ha'penny Bridge and into Temple Bar as
the rain started. In True Hash style, we circled up in Temple Bar
Square and a full rendition of Father Abraham was belted out to the
bemusement of on-lookers, and a few tourists trying to join in!

Dodging the rain, we set off into Trinity, and a lovely false trail
allowed our visitors to see the Book of Kells and a few statues,
whilst the Hare stayed under cover! Then back up Grafton Street in the
wet, into Stephens Green and the ducks, as the rain stopped, the sun
came out, and the beer was waiting for us as we finished (although
some didn't quite do the final loop). Apparantly, one of the Front
Runners had GPS'd the trail, and it was 8.46 Km - No wonder I am
knackered today! - The circle was held and enjoyed by all - with
numerous down downs, and copious tales - before we descended upon
O'Donoghue's on Merrion Row, and despite many hashers preparing for
the Marathon, a fair amount of Guinness was dispatched!

On On - Chick Maggot

Supplementary Hash Water Trash - Monday 27th October

Once again the Hash Crew turned out at Mile 15 for the Marathon and a
long day of dishing out water to tiring potential hashers, along with
sticky gels, sweets and FM104 Girls - Thanks to all who helped on the
day, and congratulations to our visiting hashers who we met up with in
O'Donoghue's and had completed the 42 Km, by all accounts everyone
enjoyed themselves and Dublin.

Check out my blog at www.irishrunaholic.blogspot.com
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