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Liam3494 10-19-2008 03:36 PM

Hash Trash: The Zoo - Beann Mhadagáin, Cnoc na hUaighe, Belfast: OXY
Various methods were used to et to the Belfast HHH on Sunday. Many took CHICK MAGGOT and PHD's kind offer of accommodation in Banbridge. SIX came with his girlfriend ... and then went to the hash. The Anagassan Two came up much the same way as PUSSYFOOT and FREE WILLIE. Bus and Train were also used to good effect and many thanks to OXY for providing good directions and transport links.
When the scribe arrived at the run, there was a single car with a flour circle at the end of the carpark. STTI assumed it was the hare's car and added some graffiti to the car. STTI, PHD and CHICK MAGGOT spent a long time watching Emer the Ring-tailed Lemur ... before reading newspapers on the kerb. Eventually the rest of the hash arrived .. a big turnout for Dublin (12) and good to see familiar faces Dr PURPLE HELMET, KEEN KNICKERS as well as new faces such as NOT FLORA.
The hash started soon after 3 and we trailed about the car park with the Belfast hashers hanging back while the blow ins looked for trail up the crags and into the zoo - fat chance but good entertainment for Belfast HHH. Eventually, we turned onto a very well marked trail which went alongside the zoo fence and up onto the crags below Cave Hill. DPH gave us a lot of good information which went in one ear and out the other .... but we did go up real close to the famous cave where HATE CRIME and DPH climbed up and almost could not get down. Others were more circumspect.
A CB 7 and the hash split up with most guessing where the 7 went - seeing that OXY was standing at the split, it was not hard. The walkers went a different way .... up the crags by the route of no return. The runners went on a jolly jog around the foot of the crag ... alarmingly dropping in altitude so that we thought that we might suddenly appear in Bellevue Village. However, what comes down must go up .... and the trail went through a kissing gate and then up and up and up....
The checks on the route round the rock were somewhat predictable but the weather was perfect and the venue most suitable for hashing ... The trails eventually met up at the top of the crag - McArt's Fort where there was beer and a view to beat most ... Belfast Lough stretched ahead towards Scotland. The walkers had managed to get up there earlier and were sitting sedately on the remains of a volcano. A photo was taken on the edge (no pushing) and we then headed back down and down and down.
Sea lions were being fed and were stimulated by POLLY's horn's been a long time! and we eventually joined the up with the out trail and were back in the car park for a circle during which we had two namings ...a lot of beer ... gave back the "bleating seat" ...and gave downdowns for various offences of which the best I can remember is the fact that PHD thought a cow went "baaa" - PHD said that there was wind blowing in her ear.
We then headed off to a local pub where we were not allowed to mix with white collar persons because of our terrible dress sense (according to the Belfast standard of dress sense). However, when it was found that we would pay in Sterling and not the infernal Euro ... we were seated in the special room and fed. On leaving, we all paid using SIX's Glitnir Bank credit card and we headed fast as we could south of the border.
And a note from Belfast HHH

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