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Hash Trash – The Dublin HHH Red Dress Run 2008 – Sunday 6th July :b anana:

In the absence of regular scribes, this is my first (and possibly last!) example of Hash Trash, and it couldn’t have come about for a more auspicious occasion, with the Dublin HHH Red Dress Run last Sunday.

The weather was supposed to close in, but the RA must have had a word with someone upstairs as we were blessed with a sunny afternoon as we descended in our Red Mass upon O’Donohue’s on Merrion Row. Not too sure if the locals had sobered up from Saturday night, but they were certainly rubbing their eyes as the Dublin Hashers appeared in dresses in their bar. Cameras were popping, as was the bra I was wearing J.

We were blessed for our day with our usual smattering of American Visitors, a welcome addition to our ranks over the summer months, and Hash Luminaries Mu-Sick and Thar She Blows from Florida, along with Pat My Fly from Boston were resplendent in their frocks, and being true Hashers, they had arrived at the pub Two Hours early to enjoy some pre-lubing.

The motley crew were arriving. Jock Sniffer seemed to have forgotten it was Red Dress day, but a carefully ripped table cloth, clipped with the aid of a Swiss Army knife, surprisingly not his own, soon saw him in a little red check number. Rick O’Shea was Red Perthed, and STTI had managed the tights as well. I (Chick Maggot) was wearing a nice little short number, with a pink bra (40D) which surprisingly needed no stuffing, and matching shoes, and Just Adrienne was looking great (OK, I’m biased!). Cheap as Chips, in her penultimate run with us for a while was stunning, and our Hare for the Day, Not Half Bad looked like he had tucked his dress in his knickers. Louis Copeland arrived late, and in case of emergencies he was carrying a spare dress, which wasn’t required as we were all attired and ready to go.

As this was the Red Dress Run you can be assured that NHB was going to take us around the sites of the city, and last Sunday, Dublin Hashers became a sight themselves. There will be a lot of explaining of why American tourists have pictures of guys dressed in red as part of their Vacation shots of Molly Malone etc….

Not Half Bad’s Trail was Not Half Bad at all, as we were a-mazed in the Iveagh Gardens, offered a recital in Stephen’s Green, ran across Billy Connolly (Yep, the real one!) outside the Conrad Hotel, then after a CB9 (That one was a bit of *******!), a trip onto Grafton Street and another comedian, Dave Savage, he got a little peed as we stole his audience, and a lot of wolf-whistles.

The trail meandered around as we got a little lost, but The Market, Powerscourt Mall, and a little trip through the Westbury Hotel got us back on trail, although we did miss a bit through Brown Thomas – who knows we could have had a make-over while there (a few of us were in desperate need!). Trinity College was a given and once through there we still had a little surprise in store as the trail went into the National Gallery – It wasn’t the Modern Art Exhibition, but we sure made an interesting exhibit as went past the Old Masters and back into the daylight before returning to O’Donohue’s and the On-Afters.

But before that we had the circle on Pembroke Street, which certainly rasied a few more eyebrows from passing motorists and the Red Topped Buses – A large number of down-downs followed, and we dressed the Gonads Bunny in Red as well, which lead nicely onto the final part of the circle as Just Adrienne was named, thanks to a whiff of a brainwave from Jock Sniffer – The knees were bent, the baptismal ceremony occurred and Pubic Hare Dresser became the latest named hasher in the Dublin Kennel.

Back to the pub where we were joined by Tourists, including a fellow hasher from Brisbane who had seen us around and followed us back to the bar to share a few lubes, and Mu-Sick lived up to his name and sang some songs that even O’Donoghue’s may never have witnessed in its long history on the Dublin Music Scene J

A splendid day out was rounded off with a Hash Cash Collection for charity which raised €116 in a few minutes and will be handed over to a charity for the blind with thanks. A few hardy souls went for dinner on the Northside, and the last ones standing, including the Hare, managed a few more beers in the Porterhouse to finish a splendid day out.

Chick Maggot

Next Hash – Monday 14th July –

7:30 PM
Blackrock Dart Station

Hare is Cheap as Chips on her 2nd Farewell Hash – She’s off to Cork!

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