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Tuesday, Jan 12 - Workouts!

starting early while I remember! lol

sorry I have been MIA...I would remember but not be at the computer and then when I *was* at the computer, completely forgot!

weekend recap - nothing structured...tons of steps, errands and started putting decorations away. The full take down will be completed this weekend. getting used to my apple watch...loving the step count! most days are 12K+

yesterday was a short 2.3 mile run and then doctor appt for DD and then more errands.

Today - dog walk so far and will be on the trainer later today. 25 pushups/day still going strong.

Yo - how exciting for DD! I def am not ready for an empty house, though I know it is inevitable.
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I managed 45 minutes on the trainer with TrainerRoad and then a short upper body weight workout....heading to "active dog" training tonight. This ought to be interesting.
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Whoops there went another weekend
Thanks for joining me in the push up challenge for Josette she would have loved it.
I managed to do 11 military push ups doing 2 at a time today and then finishing with 9 on a step.

The weekend and Monday wiped me out. Saturday was a lot of organizing and chores plus 1 hour in the EP
Sunday I was up early for a avy clinic. After 3 hours of searching and digging and standing in the cold (-7F when we began) I moved on to a fast 6k x-c ski at the track. My back country skis dont' fit in the actual track but the groomed area nearby. The track is @ 35 minute drive from my house so I rarely go there but that's where the clinic was. At the clinic (sponsored by the SAR team) we had a sidebar about dead batteries at the nearby (to me) beacon check device and I volunteered. SO
Monday after a moderate workday, fast as I could (@ 3.8mph) 3 mile ski up to the beacon check carrying too many lbs of tools and batteries then a quick 3 miles back down as the sun began to set.
Now the back country users can check that their beacons work before they get deep into the mountains.

Today is zoom meeting marathon day. I'll be done @ 7:30 and will then do the video of the yoga class i missed sunday..my thighs are feeling the burn from the skiing
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Sounds like EP is working now!? for swimming for 1hr?! Yay! And the rest sounds like typical SB-style days, days with packed activities. I am sticking with 20 push-ups a day. Often, right before hitting a bed But hey, I am doing them!

Zoj - good job with all the steps!

First time swim in about 4 weeks!!!! Yikes, I think the pool was warmer than normal (which is way too warm anyway), but I felt wiped out after almost 1hr, 2950yd swim. My Garmin HR (from my wrist) shows ave 151 and max 174. This got to be wrong. That's some seriously high HR for swimming. It's been some where around mid-130's in the past. ANyway, after work, I didn't feel like running so did 1-hr walk as we listened to the NPR coverage of the house debate about 25th amendment. Ugh.
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Hey - Look at this buzz of activity! Had to see what "beacons" are (Personal Locator Beacons?). And this is a device to check your battery (and replenish with new batteries) that you take care of, SBee? Good on you. We have enough people getting lost in the Whites ... can't imagine a larger wilderness.

Dread the thought of EVER getting back in a pool All you triathletes...

Like Zoj, a dog-sort of day (decided to take off from workouts after 2 consecutive hard bike days). Just a couple of walks and some play - enough for 10K steps, but that was it for the day. (Un) Trainable active dog

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