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Tuesday, 29 Sept - Workouts!

Hi gang!
MIA yesterday as I had to drive down to the Cape for a visit to Otis AFB...now called Camp Edwards. Long but good day. Out of the "office" and saw some co-workers...plus got to crawl all over a potential system. so nothing for me yesterday but 9K+ steps.

today took the beastie for a run - got my 5K done for the "2020-not recommended" virtual race... lol

bummer about the bike Geo!

Yo - hope I can go again, but my forearms are toast right now. and yes wetsuit weather...
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Sounds like it'll be too cold for waterskiing soon for sure! And fun to see co-workers. You'd never think you'd miss them so much!

Way to go on the library run, Yo. I like the way you tie fitness into errands... Hope the book wasn't too heavy, though! (and no - no chance of making the annual mileage run ... I think that's somewhere up around 5600 miles, and I'm not riding 1600 more this year!).

20 mile, one-gear ride this morning (couple of hills definitely were a grind!). And a nice 3 mile walk along the beach with Team KEG in the evening (except for the 5 minutes we talked politics...).

Looking forward to two rain (and bike-) enforced rain days...

Off to watch the mud-slinging fest...

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Zoj - isn’t it nice to get out of the house to visit customer/client?

Geo - I’m sure you enjoyed KEG run including talking about politics!

Me... first time to travel for work to visit customers, a colleague with me to boot. Nice to catch up with him on lots of topics as well. Walked for 1 hr before dinner in Louisville KY. A lady near us was talking to us “I’m a T fan and can’t wait for the debate”.....

Now I’m in front of TV..... watching (instead of the Indians vs Yankees wildcard game where Indians are suffering) the debate too....
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Geo-congratulations on the new PR derailleurs are touchy things but worth learning to mess with
Yo-glad to hear the headaches letting up a bit!

I want to get back on my bike but it seems to be hard to coordinate just now, if I don't hurry up it will be winter and no open raods.

no travel for work for me yet something that needs my attention but hte customer hasn't been very cooperative and I'm unwilling to travel without really good coordination first. This one has wasted my time before...

One of the people who couldn't make the hike sunday joined me for an easy evening hike. Prior to that i had pronghorn that kept coming into the yard in large herds. THey trimmed the grass but also pushed open the low tunnel over the kale and ate that so I kept running out and tyring to chase them off for a while. I finally gave up. Then a lonely small cat/kitten followed my SO into the house at @ 10 pm and he woke me up to get it out (he is terribly allergic) but then we felt bad and built it a little shelter on the porch. Poor thing is still out there and I am trying to find it a home or find out if its lost but that seems unlikley as it would have had a lot of travel to end up here).
So that's 3 miles hike, 5-6 sprints to chase pronghorn
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