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Yo Sake 09-26-2020 04:06 PM

Last weekend of Sept - workouts!!
Happy Fall!

3 GIRLBIKERS hit a new-ish single track in Toledo Ohio (1-hr drive). Nice beginner trail with lots of features. We took our time to enjoy this beautiful day, took lots of pictures, tried a few features (big drop, teeter totter) a few times. There was a treehouse village - several tree houses, perfect for family reunion, wedding, which is going to take place tomorrow. Only 12 miles or so, 1:35. FIB a lunch at a mex restaurant where one of the girls frequented in her younger days. Fun day 🙂.

regiolanthe 09-26-2020 05:02 PM

Happy birthday, Zoj!

Yo - sounds like a fun day indeed. Lucky you have so many active friends!

Headed down to Amesbury, MA today - 65 miler. Looking at FB, Terry Days was in the same town with a crew of girl bikers... didn't see her though. Ended up with a 17 avg (with a few stops to take a few pics). Pushed me over a thousand miles for the month... and 3932 on the year (so should be at least at 4K by the end of the month).


zojmn151 09-26-2020 05:32 PM

Nice job Geo! thanks for the bday wishes!

1 hour on the trainer this am, walk with the beastie, and then couldn't pass up the gorgeous day and tried to go waterskiing...I say tried because I never got up. so frustrated! couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, rope being yanked out of my hands, or I was being pulled over the ski. poop.

Yo Sake 09-27-2020 05:59 PM

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Piling up some nice miles in September Geo! What’s your record? Time to put a target to renew that?!? Yeah I’m lucky. Though sometimes wonder what would happen when I can’t do all these stuff any more....

Zoj - do you wear wetsuit when water skiing this late season? Wishing you another chance to try again this season!’

Another beautiful day, swam 2800m with my tri/swim club friends, while DH ran a perimeter (which he enjoyed very much the fall colors). Felt good! Still no problem to swim in a sleeveless wetsuit.
Then we tackled to fix the spongy hydraulic brake on my Pony (SRAM Gide R).... couldn’t figure out.... got to take to a LBS.

Also hit a local state park for a walk to seek more fall colors. Well, was still 95% green.

regiolanthe 09-27-2020 07:51 PM

I meant to say that those log cabin tree houses look like quite the place to stay! Loved them...

Rode 40 today ... Not sure what my monthly record is. Possibly over 1100, but not sure. This month has to be up there... I'll be out tomorrow, but sounds like the rest of September may be a rain-out....


Swimmerbee 09-29-2020 04:02 PM

Saturday was a mix of rain and snow and wind. I had posted to a local group to hike sunday and several people from the group and other folks said they would go. I was looking forwards to hiking further bakc in that drianage than I had dared go on my own. As the time arrived the "regrets" piled in. I am sure the gloomy cold didn't help but when I got to the trail head it was quite nice. The only people there were some backpackers forced otu by cold and wet (the down side to ultra light). We chatted and I gave up and headed off for a beautiful 9 mile round trip with ornage and red and gold aspens. I wanted to so a last swim in the upper new fork to make my 20 in 2020 (Monica and Cake's challenge) and i got into a nice beaver pond however it then started to hail so i only lasted 10 minutes before giving up. On the way back I thought prehaps I'd swim a bit in the upper lake but as soon as I started to strip down, my hail storm reformed out of a blue sky. I wanted to post pix but thecomputer is having fits so I'll try to do that later.

regiolanthe 09-29-2020 06:42 PM

Your environs must be spectacular SBee ... trees are really to change around here - can only imagine how vivid in the mountains. Might get up to the whites when DD is visiting in a few weeks, but I'm afraid the peak will have gone by.

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