TGIF - 31 July Workouts! -
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TGIF - 31 July Workouts!

OR'm not getting anything in today but maybe some walks and PT exercises...

PT appointment this am - definitely inflammation under the knee cap on my right knee, so have to find "flat" riding routes (HA!), tape my knee and do ONLY the PT exercises for the next few weeks. sigh.

Yo - call your primary care and ask for recommendation on who to go to next. explain what the neurologist said. keep asking questions.

I am supposed to go to the eye doctor on Monday for an eval for cataract surgery. But thinking I am going to cancel and pursue this next year. Not crazy about elective surgery right now. so will just muddle through one more year. sigh.

Geo - nice - and have fun with the 200 miler if you decide to do that!
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Sorry to hear about your knee.... hope your consistency to do pt exercises takes care of it quickly. And sounds like a good decision to postpone an eye treatment.

Busy day at work and my brain was exhausted after I closed my laptop. I needed to go REI... 5min into riding my Pony toward REI, I realized I wouldn’t make it before they closed. So came home, drove and took care of a return. So 10min hard bike ride, some stretching and strength exercises is all I got. Oh, 35min walk during lunch time.

DH camping tonight with scouts. First time in like 6 months. Nice to be quiet, on my own. 🙂.
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Z0j - Yup. Good luck with flat where you are! Lots of spinning in easy gear...

Yo - enjoy the peaceful night. Time to watch some guilty pleasure on TV.

30 mile ride in the afternoon. Was going to ride tomorrow with an old co-worker - alas he backed out (was looking forward to it, since I haven't seen him in a number of years). So - guess I'll be solo...

On the good news front, get to finally get to get rid of family health insurance (yay!). That'll be a nice bonus in the paycheck! Also - watched a pretty good movie tonight on Amazon (Fair Game - about the outing of Valerie Plame in the Bush II admin). Older - but hadn't seen it, and tend to like movies with a bit of political intrigue...

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Hey I think I'm back again first I was lagging then the old old laptop that I can post on died, its also what I run my trainer on so I've got a new/old machine running at last!

Zo-lower gearing maybe?? I've had a cranky knee forever and had to nurse it along with lower thna normal gearing and spinning.

Me well I had the final hike to find the trial we couldn't find (tired to do a loop couldnt' find the way back) foudn it going the other way. turns out many trees were falled and felled across the entry and it was west even though overall the trial is to the south. Otherwise a fairly light week with 1 siwm in the lake for an hour and a lot of landscape/garden type work plus fininsh the orngiazing and unpacking in the barn, endless pool will arrive on wednesday in pallets with much assembly required.

I am sturggling with navigation apps and tools as the foreset service "disappeared" routes and roads about a decade ago, most roads are still there with deadfall and intentionally felled trees at the entrance and exit but these routes have vanished from recent maps and were never on USGS maps. Then there are trails that are not on the older USFS maps. So I have topos I mark up, online older USFS and current satellite mapping but I can't take it all with me when I hike.

I will see if this posts!
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