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1st weekend in March 7/8 - workouts!

Hi gang!
at the condo, but felt crappy on the way up last night so bailed on skiing. Did some photo organizing and hit the grocery story. Feeling better now, so tomorrow I should be ok to ski.

SB - I would put a blower on the area for a few days to make sure everything is dry and get RID of any organic materials that have mold/mildew on them...pad, carpet, tack strip, wallboard, etc. Cut at least a foot beyond the wet area. Where a mask and gloves while doing it. Then spray everything with a broad based disinfectant and let it dry (again). I would put plastic up to contain the area you are working in. And yes, this is most likely the reason for your cough. How do I know this? This is what my husband does for a living - indoor air quality - and has his own business. Also, make sure you address the cause of the problem - ice dams you said? - so that it doesn't happen again. Good luck!
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Zoj - Good to hear you are already starting to feel better. Also, good to know DH's expertise! Thx for sharing the suggested actions... let's hope we won't have to use the knowledge....

My standard Sat morning swim, 3000m. Toward the end I got 2x100m with a full rest, at 1:45. I haven't been able to hit 1:45 for a while, so happy about that. No headache! Next target is 1:42, I used to be able to do. But more importantly, 5x100 at 2:00 without dying would be nice

It was a beautiful day. After some errands, cleaned inside of my car, then 5.5miles with DH. I took careful mental notes during the run; when I felt HR skyrocketing, it wasn't really that high. 145 is where my head started hurting. Walk a few min to lower the HR, then I am good to repeat. I guess I should really slow down to keep the HR low. 145 is prob my mid zone 2....
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Zoj, thanks for the advice no one seemed to know what to do I will follow your insturctions, I guess the tack strip should get pried out. I did soak it in mold killer and later bleach throw out the pad and run both an old airfilter 9big blower) and heater but the tack strip looks to be the most discolored of anythign here. Unfortunatly ice dams are part of living here, I guess this winter the early storms blew infrom the north east where they usually come from the south. The norht side of the hosue has the loft and is more vulnerable, the only answer anyone can give me is to be here and knock down the snow when it first mounds up on the roof. Everyone tells me their tales and either says its metal or shingle roof issues (mine is metal). Something to work harder on this summer, I also was looking at flooring to replace the carpet if this is going to happen again it needs to be something that can stand up to it. The weird thing is the drywall is dry, how doe sit just come in at the floor (well this is a loft and its the base of the dormer I guess)

Otherwise with a much reduced cough, i went out late on a damp raw day, acutlaly didn't realize how late..to x-c ski 10 of the 13 mile course for next week. Its rarely damp here but it was damp and the wind was blowing. On my way up I got a little boost from the wind, having realized how late it was I had decided 8 miles would do but was up 5 miles before I knew it. So when I turned around I had a battle to ski the gentle downgrade. This is a snow machine trail that goes up to the continental divide and although I counted 7 trailers in the parking lot I didn't' see anyone most of the time. At one point the wind was screaming by and for fun I stood up and put my arms out and was blown backwards up the slope. At that point it was also pretty late and the sky was kind of dark, a snow machiner and his son came up from behind and stopped and asked if I needed help. I said no but he kept saying are you sure you can actually get back in this I was @ 2 miles to the end so I said yes and there will be a big moon tonight it will be ok. When I got to the end I was a little surprised to find him waiting with his son to be sure I got back. They said good to see you made it and took off.

I did get my wax right this time (the 14 mile run the wax was too sticky) and my average speed went up despite the wind. And looking at the weather station data gusts were up to 50mph so yikes!

Time to spring the clocks forward then get to sleep. Looks like our "first spring" is over temps back to the negative territory tomorrow, I hope we get a nice layer of fluffy snow and not just wind

Oh animal report 2 moose one was really big, coyote tracks on my trail and a wolf pack down in the willows @ 1/2 mile away.
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SB - Yikes on the coyote following your tracks. A kind neighbor who looked after you.. skiing in set the moon light sounds beautiful and peaceful but spooky... especially with a thought of wild animals around you.

Since I already got my 10-hr activities this week, I wasn’t really enthusiastic about real workouts. Had a nice morning walk with DH before a breakfast. Then some yard work, taking advantage of 50F weather. Then a casual ride around neighborhood, which ended up having a beer nearby brewery 🙂.
And DD back in the country safely.
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Spent the weekend knocked out by lethargy, cough, congestion, low-grade fever. Started coming down throaty on Friday, then quick hit on Sat/Sun. Took the day off work today (Monday) - think it's the first time I've EVER taken a sick day. Feel mostly better, but may work remote tomorrow if don't wake up feeling 100% (think co-workers may appreciate it given the news these days).

Hopefully contributing to workout threads by mid-late week. I've blown about 2 weeks worth of Zwift subscription

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