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TGIF - 6 March Workouts!

Yo - please persist in getting checked for lyme - surprised second doc ruled it out! Boo on the headache!

yeah, the house is definitely more quiet and I keep expecting to hear little feet on the stairs. boo.

1200 yds in a too warm pool this am. The pool is part of the gym at the retirement community in town, so they tend to keep it warmer for the aquasize classes. Hate it when I am sweating while swimming! makes breathing even harder! But got it done.

Off to Boston this am to pick up internet/tv equipment to return for my daughter to xfinity. The roommates were supposed to do it and didn't. sigh. easier for me to go get it then to try to get the $$ from them. fun fun
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Zoj - yes I have to insist on the test. I hear you.. what parents will do to help out kids...

Happy the week Is over!! About 6 miles run in to go to the library and back. It was cold with serious wind.
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Oh dear I've discovered one source of my cough. It appears an ice dam on th eroof led to a leak tha twas ocmign out on the floor behind the dresser in the bedroom.

With a couple of warm days this turned into a puddle and once i start to try to dry everything up i had horrendous coughing fits, but after a night in the gear filled guest room I am soo much better. Got the ice off the roof (with help from the contractor with the lift) and the whole area sprayed down with mold killer and bleach and the carpet pad removed. The water I could see was clean and clear but i think the esdge of the pad and the tack strip were getting mildwed. A few days sleeping in the other room and some cooler weather should let me know if that was the culprit for the ongoing cough.

I am not relaly sure what to do next. The barn interior is about 1 week away from being finished, that would allow me to move stuff out of the loft area (where the bedroom is) but then I need to unpack (at last) so I can get to tools and equipment. In the meantime, do I fins something to even up under the carpet and put it (now dry and crispy) back and put the dresser on it? We had planned to replace it in a little while with wood or cork or something. Its always something isn't it!

Aside from getting ice off the roof and pulling up carpet and furniture moving I did manage a 2300 scm swim I was short of time and tired from my coughing fit.

Weather has turned quite warm and snow is getting crunchy and wet, not so good for the upcoming ski event. I'm not sure what I will do this weekend no companions to join me and this mess at home but I did spend an hour this afternoon getting fresh basewax on the newer skis and a first wax of the other pair I had waiting around. So some kind of skiing must be in store! Forecast calls for fresh snow sunday, we shall see.

Now Geo when my training did an update I just did 30 minutes of spin so I wouldn't' lose the habit..

Zo sorry about the beastie
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SB - hope the mildew/mold was it causing your coughing fit. YES, it’s ALWAYS something. I can’t wait to downsizing!!! Yet nothing is happening Inoue household...
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