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zojmn151 02-26-2020 10:49 AM

Wednesday - hump day - 26 Feb Workouts!
Happy hump Day
Happy Ash Wednesday (if you are of that persuasion)...beginning of Lent, where I usually try to "give up" something...but read an interesting article the other day, about "doing nothing"...unplugging and listening/observing/reflecting ... let my brain relax. So am going to try that this year instead.

ankle is fine - i've been dealing with this weirdness off and on since I started running consistently oh so many years ago. it will bug me for a few days and then will be totally fine. no rhyme or reason why it happens or goes away. And it isn't relegated to one ankle, this happens in both (but not at the same time, thank god). Meh.

Yo - yay on the little to no headache and no heart racing!

DH is doing much better. He's hoping to be cleared to go back to teaching this weekend and he did go to the chiropractor this morning.

That's about it friends!

Yo Sake 02-26-2020 05:19 PM

Zoj - good to hear DH is ok and your ankle will be too!

Geo - hope DS isn’t stuck somewhere...

45min walk during lunch. And after work, went for 1.5hrs snowshoe with A&C. And channeling SB, I had a conf call during the activity! I wouldn’t let a conf call outside of my work hours ruin my fun times! We got some beautiful snow. 🙂.

regiolanthe 02-26-2020 06:26 PM

Yay to combining pleasure AND business!

DS is back in the US - doesn't seem like his flight was detained, but looking at that news report of the KAL attendant at LAX (and the airport being sanitized) makes me happy he was flying into SF. Anyway - he made it to Philly. Company is having him take a two-week self-imposed quarantine - although he said he was tested in Korea. Not sure what the story is... Not sure if he is going down to Miami or not... Watched some of the Pres's news conference ... does not inspire confidence.

Myself - ran the short lunch run with K (a bit faster this time ... about 10:10 pace).


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