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Tuesday, Feb 4 - Workouts

or not...cold is still kicking my butt. Working from home and am still in my jammies...it is 11 am EST. lol super stuffed up and sinus pressure headache has taken hold. blech. Just when I was getting my "running" back into a groove too. Sigh. will take the beastie for a walk later. Maybe that will help.

As for the Beastie, she is doing ok, but the clinical trial drug regime was not working. So they discharged her from the trial and we are going to persue a different chemo protocol on Friday. My plan is to do one round and see how she responds. If it works works, we'll continue...we should know in about a week if the new protocol works or not. If it doesn't work, then we'll most likely switch her to steroid treatments and keep her comfortable.

Geo - good on you for getting out there for a run

Yo - hope the travel restrictions are lifted so you can get to Japan!
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Zoj - kick out the nasty cold soon! Hope the next chemo would work for your fur kid.

2mile walk during a lunch. Then 5 mile run after work. Felt quite defeated by headache.. Also my elbow was getting for few days and now getting worse. Booo.
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Full KEG walk at lunch (yay!); then came home and did 15 miles in fake New York on the trainer...

Watched SoU speech. Successfully held down supper.

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I was concerned about my own well being. So didn’t watch it at all.
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