Monday Monday - 6 Jan - workouts! -
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Monday Monday - 6 Jan - workouts!

Hi gang!

Flip - not sure I was on the board when you were...welcome back!

Yo - DH has been skiing since Thanksgiving weekend, this past weekend was my first time on the snow tho.

Friday ended up being an off day w/taking the beastie to the vet (full remission - yay!) and getting other stuff done...ran our of daylight.

Sat/Sun - skied both the rain/drizzle w/soft snow on Saturday and then partly cloudy/WINDY w/firm conditions on Sunday. Slowly dialing everything back in.

Today - hope to get a run in later after a couple of doctor appointments!

Waving to everyone!
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Nice to meet you, zoj! And regiolanthe, yep--good memory! After my postdoc I left academia and started working in a human-computer interaction field (user design/research). Loved the work so have been doing that since 2011! Moving down to SF meant there was a lot of opportunity for work, and I've been pretty lucky to land a great job.

3k run (commute) to the ferry for me. Got myself a Black Diamond Distance 15 backpack that is awesome for packing my work stuff and running. My schedule makes it hard to get workouts in during the work day, so being able to use my commute as my training works pretty well.
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Sounds like an intriguing field. I parlayed my English degree into tech writing (which isn't all that interesting ).

Seemed to pick up a cold in the last few days - so took a break yesterday and today (beside a short Team KEG walk at lunch). Hopefully back Zwifting tomorrow eve.

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Flip - happy to hear about the exciting job you are doing and running commute!

Zoj - is ski slope close to you? We have no snow... there is a xc race nearby next weekend and they make artificial snow but with this temp (like 40F?) snow wont stay..!
And ice festival will suffer too....

Kick the cold soon Geo!

2mile walk during lunch. That’s it today. Saw an acupuncturist. His take on my headache is stress, bad posture and dehydration. I don’t disagree but not sure if he can help me (he doesn’t do ear acupuncture). Feeling really tired. And bad headache all day.
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