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regiolanthe 01-03-2020 12:01 PM

Friday, Jan 3 Workouts
"My goal is to appreciate more everything/everyone in my life. This headache kinda has started helping me toward the direction" - Yeah, I need to do more of this as well. More positive thought required - so thanks for the reminder, Yo :)

DD came over at lunchtime, so enjoyed a 5+ miler with her (about 8:30 pace). Was contemplating doing one of those trainer tests after work, but will leave it to the weekend now...

Great weekend, all!


zojmn151 01-03-2020 12:41 PM

I agree Yo and Geo - need to focus on that as well!

Not much happening today - some work (easing back in), took dog to Vet for bloodwork, and heading to VT for the weekend. Ski season for me has begun. We'll see how the conditions are. :)

Flip 01-03-2020 12:52 PM

Hi all! It's been a while, but I thought I'd pop in to say *HI!*, and jump back into the workout posts. I've got three more days of vacation before it will be time to go back to work...wish I could have about 6 months off to recharge, but that's not to be :)

Workouts today:
- 1600m swim. This felt pretty good, although the pool at the YMCA is way too warm.
- followed by: 2.2km run (baby steps, easing back into it. Plantar Fasciitis acting up a bit still, so starting small)

I just found LIT on Strava! So hope to be able to follow folks' workouts a bit more often. I've been spending a fair amount of time on Zwift lately -- it's super fun.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and happy new year!

regiolanthe 01-03-2020 01:11 PM

Wow. Name dredged up from the wayback machine :) We're pretty much on life support here, Flip - so good to see an old face (so to speak). Welcome back ... and see if you can recruit anyone else :) There's also that FB LIT group (also pretty much six feet under at this point), just in case you weren't aware.


PS - Meg, who moved out to CA, if memory serves?

Yo Sake 01-03-2020 03:48 PM

Holly sheeeet, Flip! I also remember you as a used-to-be gymnast? Welcome back! You got LOTS of updates to do, not to scare you or anything, but would love to know how you have been (for how long I don’t know).

Kelli (from TX) had a thread going about one word you want to carry in 2020. My intention to appreciate more also goes hand in hand with “mindfulness”. You get used to what have, what you do and take them for granted. I want to be as engaged as possible.

Zoj - is it a late start of your ski season? Hubby ready to hit the slopes?

Geo - must be a lovely sight for your DD visiting your office! Brighten up everybody’s day with a sunshine smile! (And make Dad smile ear to ear!).

2mile walk during lunch time. Then I’m spinning a gym bike as I type as I catch up today’s news.

We all recycle but now the next level is to minimize what goes to recycle bin and trash bin. Today first time I took my own container to Tim Horton to buy Timbits (to take them for a quick visit to a friend’s office). They didn’t look at me funny or anything!

Swimmerbee 01-03-2020 06:12 PM

Hey Flip!
Hey Zo and Geo I will try to let you know when the Boston trip is settled we were supposed to figure it out today but this job is always chaotic. Its tough being so far from the airport and sometimes having them call me back right after i finally made it home!

Just back from a town trip (wyoming currently), we have to take our trash/garbage to the dump where you can seperate it out into recycling but it does make you think more about what is trash and where it comes from. No composting in bear country, I hope to make a worm farm next year but no where to put it this year!

Also in town tired on snow machine helmets since it seems like sport specific would be good there but they don't fit well with glasses so I am thinking maybe I'd rather just ski and snow shoe when I am home and worry about it next year..I went to the thrift store to look for used helmets and bough a pair of tele skis instead :)

In town also swam 4,000 scm in the pool. Yesterday was 3 miles of nsowshoeing near the end I had to break trial and was up to my thighs in powder, I think if it was any deeper i couldn't make it happen its a pretty steep slope there too.

The day before I x-c skiied up and down in a storm (@ 5 miles) breaking trial for the first 2 up and the return it was so nice to get to a nearby skiiers trail for a bit before heading back. I startled a deer (or he startled me) that seemed to be sleeping under the snow. I fell down and he ran off.

I am slowly starting back into work too and finding that people just didn't' ever read email I sent them or do what they needed to before the end of the year so now they are panicking and I am trying not to be reactive.

So I hope to get one more longer x-c ski in this weekend before heading south and east.


Flip 01-04-2020 11:51 AM

Yo Sake! Yes, former gymnast here, turned triathlete and most recently: couch lump. I guess I owe you all about 12 years of updates...haha. Things are great! Still living in California, working a tech job that's kept me full of excuses not to train. Hubby is doing well; he's agreed to sign up for a trail 10k with me in March, so that should be fun. Something to aim for anyway. My competitive racing days are long over, but would be nice to at least be able to do an event now and then. Work has me traveling a LOT (over 100K miles last year), so running seems to be the thing that I can do wherever I am in the world. Then Zwift/ride to work and swim when I'm home.

How have you all been? It sure is quiet here now, but great to see some familiar faces!

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