Veteran's Day - Nov 11 Workouts -
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Veteran's Day - Nov 11 Workouts

IT are in work today (beginning of federal open enrollment, and we are govt insurance contractors) - so decided to take the chance and bike in (light rain may be coming in later).

19 miles in (low 17's) and probably 11+ home for 30+ on the day...

Forgot to say hi SBEE! Hi!! Hopefully you got in the lake swim .. w/o gators. Do gators live in lakes? At least you aren't dealing with snow in FLA - I assume it's started and then some back on the ranch....

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re: renovations...we've done a TON to our house over the 25 years we've been here. It was a 2-bedroom/1-bath ranch when we bought it. Now, it is a 3 bedroom/2-bath, raised ranch. Second time doing the kitchen (same footprint, but new cabinets). We took out a huge useless fireplace, so need to patch and redo the floor in that room. We have some hairline cracks in the foundation, so are tearing up carpeting and fixing those and laying down carpet tiles in the basement. We also took out the foundation for the large fireplace, which showed we have to fix said foundation...We didn't buy new. House was built in the 70s and we think it was built in stages. After this is done, I think we'll need to replace some of the decking as it didn't hold up as well as we thought. Never ending!

Oh and we bought a new fridge on be delivered on Wednesday!

Geo - that is impressive that you haven't done anything since you moved in!

Yo - good for you, keeping a journal

3 mile run and some hammy PT today...
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Zoj - that’s a lot of renovations! Even though we haven’t done anything, other than new windows on a few rooms, the maintenance work seems to be never ending!

Snow!!!! 9 freakin inches. Between shoveling and leaning how to use a snowblower, walked on a treadmills for 45min with some running throw in (just to see how I would feel) and 15min yoga stretches. Running felt ok. Using a snowblower was hard. Missing my boy.

PCP visit - she ruled out Lyme disease, saying its symptoms come gradually and I don’t exhibit any symptoms. Upped baby aspirin by x4 and migraine meds by 2. Cholesterol meds only till TIA ruled out. ( I have a good ratio and high good cholesterol.). MRI and EEG appo soon. Ugh
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