Wednesday, October 16 Workouts -
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Wednesday, October 16 Workouts

Planned 37 miles commuting (16.5 in, check - 20.5 home to go). Also, work did not end up infringing on lunch - Woo! - so went for 4+ mile run with the Keggers... Figure tomorrow's going to be a wash here, so good to get it in - even though it was slow and painful.

Didn't catch any of the debate last night (had to go walk the dog and then do errands), but doesn't sound like I missed anything of not (guess I haven't seen Tulsi or Steyer yet, but doesn't sound like their candidacy has much of a shot).
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It’s getting colder and darker... hats off to your dedication to commuting on a bike!

Some strength exercises during lunch and then 3300yd swimming at a high school pool. Haven’t swum for about 1.5weeks? Bad posture/backpacking/stress all played some role to sore shoulder. Water felt really heavy and thick...

So.. it is health care enrollment season. What kind plans are you offered and should -have/could-have regrets in your choice in the past?
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Yo I have been back and forth on health care plans. Since obamacare, individual plans are severely gutted and anything under Obama care rules has really complicated and invasive rules which restrict the care my employees and I can actually receive, so I do my utmost to stay away from those plans. Next is the HMO vs PPO plans (pre Obamacare we could offer a cafeteria of choices now I must offer one for all). No matter which I pick I have some wish for the other, the HMO covers "everything" and Kaiser at least has sidestepped the crazy Ocare rules to offer care that reduces costs not just what is "allowed". OTOH there are the location rules, most of the HMO's offer emergency care some distance away from where the plans is but be careful of details the more ocare compliant offer care only if you are sufficiently far away so if you get in an accident 100 miles from home you are not covered. So in a city with good coverage I now have preferred and HMO I still end up with a gap if I am driving to the next city but if I get father I will be covered for emergencies. i Now that I am in a rural area with limited options I have selected a PPO that offers a large nationwide network, again with Ocare you may be restricted to only your zipcode for care even with a PPO (the blues have blue card programs just be sure that is what you have).

So I guess look at the subtleties of your choice in geographic area and emergency care. The PPOs can be really tough to sort out (do they cover 1 doctor in a hospital or all of them). Also I used to go HSA with high deductibles because once you hit the deductible everything was covered and there was a good savings but NOW I find the co-insurance is so high the deductible is nearly meaningless so I shop on co-insurance rates of worst case scenarios (chemo co-insurance as high as 60% on some plans and with a single chemo treatment costing 20k yikes) and out of area accidents. Good luck and I hope you don't get a headache from it!
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