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regiolanthe 10-13-2019 07:53 PM

Columbus Day Weekend Workouts
Hey gang,

Didn't do the long ride yesterday (sloppy in the morning, and lazy, and seeing off the lad). Went for an afternoon hike-ish in local woods with the dog (alas - he was not very friendly).

Today, went for a nice walk with DW down a rail trail - maybe 4 or so miles, and then later went for a local 30 mile loop to get some biking in.

I have tomorrow off, so plan to go 50-60 solo - maybe a trip down the beach - before it clouds up.

Oh - and library movie of the weekend was "The Battle of the Sexes" (Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean-King, with Steve Carel and Emma Stone in the leads). Not a bad biopic …

Zod/Yo - I see you both are having a good weekend on FB! Hi SBee…


Yo Sake 10-13-2019 08:06 PM

Sounds like a relaxing weekend for you, Geo.
Zoj - did you get in one more waterski?

A busy weekend with a quick one-night backpacking trip to northern Michigan. I’m planning to make a fall color trip an annual tradition! Last year was to the Whites (is that what you New Englanders call the area?). I originally wanted to go to Adirondacks in NY this fall. Maybe next year! 18miles of hiking over two days. Compared to the NH’s trails we hiked last year, this was a piece of cake.

zojmn151 10-14-2019 11:00 AM

We'll just keep this weekend rolling...took today off!

Yo - nope, boat is out. Came out last night (sunday) and now it is parked in the driveway waiting to be cleaned!

Weekend was spent supporting DD who completed the BAA Medley on Sunday w/her first ever 1/2 marathon! Gorgeous day for it too! So proud of her! She didn't that great of a race though...she finished, but much slower than training prepared for her as the wheels fell off (so to speak) around mile 9 when (1) her knee started to act up and (2) she couldn't really keep any food down (tho that started earlier she said)...poor kid. But she got it done and now has a very cool medal to boot!

While she was out on the course, I went for my much shorter run...which wasn't steller either. sigh. BUT about 4.5 miles for me for the day.

We are both in recovery mode today - and getting some stuff done around the house - time to go clean boat cushions!

regiolanthe 10-14-2019 05:28 PM

Congrats to DD! Obviously has your grit :)

Had the day off work today. Took the opportunity for a 63+ mile solo ride. Lovely to ride the length (well, mostly) of the seacoast, with some nice farmland/scenery inland. Also played with the dog ... did some errands.

Bike light is acting up (goes off when hitting a good bump). Definitely not what I need for night-time commuting! Ordered another light ... hopefully a good one...

Yo Sake 10-14-2019 08:46 PM

Zoj - Way to get it done, zoj's DD!

Glad to hear your day-off was enjoyable, Geo.

Nice to spend a whole day in the office to catch up... I was on the road Tue-Fri..... Reorganization is taking shape and now two layers above me are out side of North America.... enough said.

Had a fun ride with G3 crews, about 2hrs on my Pony. They rode from a few towns away toward the singletrack near my house. I rode from home toward them, then rode together to the singletrack. First night ride for me this year, and backwards on the trail to boot. Very happy to report the meds (Nortriptyline) has helped my headache tremendously.

Swimmerbee 10-17-2019 05:52 AM

well this is a good place to hop back in. New contract is sending me careening back and forth from Florida to Wyoming with only 3-4 days in Wyoming. I was home over the weekend but flew back Monday. A couple days of hiking and winterizing and working...Then back to Florida and walking and pool swimming but a big review so mostly working all hours, should let up soon.
Back on Saturday the hike ended in dark (earlier dark than I thought as the setting sun is now going behind larger mountains it got dark 30 minutes sooner than expected).

So I have realized I need a brighter headlight I have several of the cheaper led headlights (petzle and a few others) but for the really dark woods its not enough to see the texture of the ground). I had realized I needed a brihgter bicycle light. SO what do you all reccomend?

SOunds like the enxt generation is really taking the initiave and getting out there. Happy to see Yo's headaches getting better too!

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