Wednesday - hump day 9 Oct - Workouts! -
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Wednesday - hump day 9 Oct - Workouts!

ok soooo lonely!!!


1000 yds in the pool...yes the pool - felt SO out of shape!
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I’m here.... no time for workout. So sad.
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Second day of hiking with DS. Yesterday was an 11 mile hike (out and back that managed) to "peak bag" 3 of the 4000 footers for DS. Pleasant weather, and managed to take the dog with us. Did not see another dog the entire time - so muzzling (he's very dog-aggressive) was wasted on him. We did take it off when we hit the last peak on the way back, because it was REALLY late (we made it back to the car with about 10 minutes of daylight left - even though we had flashlights), so had no fear of anyone else heading up. No sights to speak of on the way (just one overlook off to the side), but there were a couple of birds used to humans enough to feed out of your hand (see FB). The hike was llllonggg - nothing too steep, but just a lot of rock-avoidance and small steps.

Today we decided to go again, because it sounds pretty crappy for the few remaining days he's here. He woke up with a tender knee - but figured it wouldn't be too bad. Well ...... about half-way up, it turned pretty excruciating for him. He did struggle up and we hit the top (a 5K plus peak - Mount Madison, which is to the right of Washington). At that point, we were seriously debating whether to head up to Washington and catch the cog railway down - or to descend. He made it back to the hut, and decided that going down hurt less than the climb up to Washington would. Anyway - had a slow descent back to the car, with him trying not to bend his knee or put to much weight on it. Really not sure what he did - maybe strained ligament? The hike itself was pretty spectacular - gorgeous fall day, with leaves near peak. One overlook where you could look up to two waterfalls falling in parallel next to each other... Lots of wet clambering/stream crossing - but nothing too scarily steep. A lot of the way down was spent butt-shuffling down some parts to keep weight off his legs... Guess we'll see how he is tomorrow and in a few days... Really enjoyed time spent with him though. Nice to have him around for a few days...

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Happy to hear you had a great time hiking with your son though sorry to hear about his knee pain. Based on the FB pages by the NH’s 4K footers, the fall colors are in full force and gorgeous.

Spending lots of time on work/work-related activities well into a late evening... Nothing again today. I’m really hoping I get some free time tomorrow to enjoy outdoors.
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