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Weekend Workouts, Oct 5-6

58 miles with the bagelry crew, across into Maine. Temps in the low 30's at the start of the ride … and I thought Thursday was brrrrr…. Still, warmed into the 50's by ride end - and nice scenery (frost on the pumpkin, etc). DS back for a week (arrived this afternoon) - so will probably get out for walk or hike with the dog tomorrow … Think he's catching up with some friends, so probably no big hike until sometime during the week... Good to have him home.
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Geo, Yeah the temp drop was rather significant... enjoy DS’s visit! The fall color looks like peaking in the Whites...?

Didn’t post yesterday. G3 had an annual Halloween ride. Visited a nearby town’s Skeltons-come-alive party on our bikes and also a local house which is wonderfully decorated with all kinds of scary stuff. FIB chilies and good munchies with a few cold ones. .

It was rough to wake up early again for a swim this AM thanks to the last night parry. But got it done, feeling much better than the last week where I struggled with pushing myself to stay with the lane mates in a warm pool. 3100yd.
After running some errands and seeing DH off to yet another camping with scouts, 5 miles run. Hammys still bothering.
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Just catching up again I am actually still in Florida but made it to the cast for a few ow ocean swims, ocean is quite churned up through with a minor incoming storm and debris from the hurricane a while ago. In Wyoming its been snowing and now a big freeze is coming. I need to get back to finish the barn floor selaing and empty the trailer back into it before everythign is ruined its a never ending saga it seems. I also need to order and put down an acre of wild grass and wildflower seed so it will sit under the snow.

Zo I want to know about hatchett throwing from last week!
Yo I read some earlier books about RBG but your post had me chekcing the latest and I think I will read that too.

I am considering buying a fancy folding bicycle for this newest contract that has me dashing to Boston and Florida far too often. I was jsut considering it for a previous contract to teh DC area when it was put on hold. I think I will wait to see hwo the first milestone review goes but then perhaps it will be time.
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Hi SB!! Boy, I thought your winter just ended a few months ago and now already snowing.... About a foldable bike, i rode today with somebody who was riding a gravel bike that can be packable into a check-in suitcase. Hers is custom made but her hubby has another brand that dies the same thing. They take bikes for their vacation (she is short and can’t find rental easily).

Donut ride today with several others from G3. 45 mile with donut/cider stop. What a gorgeous fall day!
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