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Tuesday, 24 Sept - Workouts!

Yo - how long have you been doing the hammy PT exercises? It took me weeks before I noticed anything while running - I noticed within a couple of weeks on the bike, but not on the run. Only when I was consistently doing the combination of self-graston, PT exercise (6-7 days a week) and dry needling did I see any improvement in my hamstring. Do you have access to graston tools? KT taping has also helped. I know that you don't want to go to PT, but even if you went once or twice to learn how to self-graston and self tape, I would highly recommend it. Also stay AWAY from stretching it!

Day long meeting - plan is to get to the gym on the way home tonight for (lol) hammy and full body weight routine.

Also - thanks Yo! - So hoping that my enthusiasm stays with me over the winter!! lol
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Basking in the return of summer... 30+ miles commuting (19 in at a fairly brisk 19+ and 11 back ... have to run a few errands). Also ran a short 4+ mile with Kevin at lunch ... almost tropical out there!

I'm with you on hoping for some winter enthusiasm, Zoj! At least you have regular skiing to get excited about ... I've got Nordic Track in the basement and fitness center workouts on the too-cold-to-be out there days...

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Zoj - thx for giving me a dose of reality ... I’m not super consistent and haven’t been doing the hammy exercises not that long. I had better be prepared to be patient for some time... never used Graston tools. I’m thinking to go see a PT at least a few times to get good instructions on exercises and needle therapy, etc

speaking of winter training, now that I can’t run much so I’m kinda ok to welcome colder season. More time for swimming and snowshoeing and fat-tire biking!

Didn’t have a mental strength to join the G3 ride tonight so went for a solo dirt road ride. About 1.5hrs. Nice evening!
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Well I got rushed around the country again after the funeral whirlwind I had just that little time at home before starting on a new contract. I had to drive to Salt Lake then fly to Boston last week (sorry Boston folk not enough time to visit but will be back soon). I did manage 2 laps of Walden pond otherwise just walking. Then to Orlando where I found some different areas to walk and rode the exercise bike at the hotel that is somewhat broken.

My near future has more trips to Orlando and I need to find a good new exercise pattern to match. I have some winter endurance event goals and early spring gravel events now how to fit that in with this crazy travel and work schedule? I have been thinking about a folding bicycle that I could leave at my most frequent destination. If I fly southwest I can take it for free but I may be switching to non-SWA airports for the winter. I also need to find good swimming areas close by the meeting locations. I needed and wanted the contract but after the hectic moving/building year I am having trouble riding along the crazy new program schedule-any help or suggestions? I am wondering if I am finally able to return to running which I had to stop in 2004.
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