Sept 14/15 - Weekend Workouts! -
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Sept 14/15 - Weekend Workouts!

Nothing for me but house cleaning, errands and getting my stuff ready for tomorrow...

yep, I am nervous...its been a minute...

Yo - if you can get to a gym - here is my workout:

seated hamstring curl
standing hamstring curl
lying hamstring curl

single leg, 3 sets, 10-12 reps per set All done with a weight that results in minimal to no pain. If it really hurts, or you can't hold good form, back off the weight or skip the exercise.

I started with 10-lbs per leg as that is all I could tolerate. I have increased weight somewhat, but not a ton. Depending on the exercise, I am up to 15-20 lbs per leg with minimal pain.

At home, I started with bridges, and ball roll outs. I have since progressed to including double and single leg deadlifts.
I try to do the exercises every day, but at a minimum 5 days a week.

Throughout ALL of this, I am NOT stretching that area AT ALL. I also perform self-graston every other day. At PT I am getting ultrasound, graston and dry needling. the last few times they've taped me.

hope this helps - shoot me a pm on FB if you want more info or videos of the exercises.
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Dover-Sherborn Boosters Tri is in the books...oof...

the part I was most worried about (swim) turned out to be my best part. It was obvious that my legs hadn't recovered from the RIZO as I was a bit slow (for me) on the bike and I couldn't get them to cooperate on the run.

No way my best effort, but what I had in the tank for today. Weather cooperated and it is BEAUTIFUL out! Streak is still alive at 19 years and counting.

Anniversary lunch in a few and then some relaxation!!
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Thx for taking time to give me the details! The leg curls are prob too advanced for me now but I wonder about alternatives to them since I have no gym membership now and for a while....

Triple Trail Challenge for me on Sat. Local mountain bike association puts together this great fund-raising event connecting three main trails with dirt road (one of which is a hiking trail and opens to biking only this day) every year. Ends at a great party where they serve chills and beer. This year DH, my tri club friend J and I started together but soon we got separated (me=super slow, riding Pony). Luckily I found one of my G3 friends and I rode with his group at the right pace. We ran into a few more G3/Girlbikers and enjoyed a beautiful fall day. The prescribed long course was 50 and shorter course was 36. I was happy to take two short cuts following a ride leader’s suggestion and did 36 with enough energy left for hanging around for the after party. Took almost 5hrs including a long refuel stop. DH did all 50 and we finished at the same time. Yeah, J made him work really hard! Whole bunch of my riding friends were there and it was lots of fun. Then DH and I stopped by A&C’s lake house and ended up working on their backyard (part of massive remodeling project that’s going on for two hrs) until sunset. They treated us for a dinner. It was a great day out with fun and friends.

Sunday - trail day at a nearby single track. A trail coordinator has been building new section and I was happy to help. Good upper body workout, right? Like 3hrs. And 30min hamstring /core exercises.
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Yay for 19 years! Way to go, Zoj! What was so special about the post-race food, BTW? Yo's chili and beer sound quite good...

And - great to hear about DS's return to running, Yo. Good, healthy mindset...

58 miles bagelry crew ride on Saturday AM before rain (with to and from start). Not much but dog-walking on Sunday....

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