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Monday, Sept 9 - Workouts!

Hi gang!
Welp, RIZO number 14 is in the books. My slowest by far. From the get-go didn't have anything in the legs - which was really odd. And for once we didn't have a ton of wind to start! It didn't start to pick up until ~12 miles in...which meant about 6 miles of climbing through the notch with wind...thankfully it wasn't 100% constant, but still!

Did get a flat around mile 23, total tire sidewall blowout. Gatorskin blowout! Fortunately, we had Gorilla duct tape in the back of the car, so DS was able to tape it up and get me going again. We'll swap the tire this week before my race.

Anyway, made it to the second SAG for ~53 miles on the day.

Geo - we lucked rain until we were heading out to dinner!

Now it is a taper week of sorts for my race next Sunday.
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Handyman points! Can't believe duct-taping actually worked.... And, nice to see you fueling with the breakfast of champions!! Well - as you say, in the books. 14x is pretty impressive! I'm working on my 9th Seacoast in a couple of weeks time. A bit flatter Glad the weather held off for you. Wasn't bad down south, either - after an initially crappy early morning... Ah well. Oh - and Santa's village! A number of visits with the kiddos when younger … I preferred it to Storyland!

Well - while you were RIZO-ing, and Yo was lower-48'ing, and SBee was no doubt swimming the width of the channel, I was sitting on my duff doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING over the weekend (well - a few dog walks). Bagelry ride canceled; I contemplated doing a solo 30-40 on Sunday, but decided to bag it. Just didn't feel like it...

Today was back to the commute... 16+ in (healty 19 mph) and 21+ back for another 38+ on the day. Walk with the KEGgers at lunch...

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Zoj - duct tape for blown tire!!? Wow never thought of the duct tape for this purpose ... is this something you guys alway carry? I don’t remember if I mentioned. But when we went Mt Fuji, got off a bus at the 5th station and walking around to get acclimated, my father’s hiking boot sole came off partially. We weren’t carrying a duct tape but a store had it. Of course that band aid needed to reapply more than a few times. Luckily 7th station hut had hiking boots for sale!! Who would have thought!!? And in the right size. A funny thing was a pair of boots was $30 while 500ml of water was $5.

G3 ride, 31miles on Pony. 5 of us just came back from Sub-48 ride so the leader wanted at social pace... well, I worked hard to keep up. All except me and I e other were riding skinny or gravel bike. Still, a great ride.

And another must-to-have is zip tie. My rear rack is a cheap one and doesn’t get connected to the bike frame, just attached to the seat post. With a pair of panniers attached to the rack, it gets torqued/moves and rubbed against tie tire. No matter how much I tightened the seat to the seat post and seat post to the rack, it started making rubbing noise after a few miles of bumpy dirt. One guy suggested to zip-tie the rack to the frame from both sides. That did the trick! We even rode singletrack with all the gears! I couldn’t thank him enough!
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