Last weekend of Aug - workouts!! -
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Last weekend of Aug - workouts!!

Geo - He is amazing indeed. Already looking for the next adventure. Quite intrigued by the Fitbit DD was wearing and it’s functions and what HR zones are which I was telling him about when I was training for a marathon. Asked me about where he could do Vo2 max testing. FYI those ropes are to keep climbers from go off trails, not holding onto. How do you feel about going back to a quiet house again..?

I normally don’t experience a jet lag coming back this way. But I do this time. Couldn’t sleep until 6am... got up at noon. Did swim 3000m in my fav pool, gorgeous almost- feel- like-fall low 70’s weather. 50m pool all to my self.

Great Sunday to you all.
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Yo - your adventure sounds amazing! And I hope I am that able when I am 80! Congrats to you and your Dad and your family! Great memories to treasure!

Geo - nice hike and getting everyone settled back in!

51.5 mile ride through CT on Saturday by myself - DH rode with his cousin for a metric century - I did well until the last 7 miles or so, when I had a headwind and just wanted to be done. I obviously didn't fuel right as I was VERY cranky those last 7 miles or But got it done and then headed to a food truck festival with my daughter and best friend. Always good!

Today? DOR ...time to relax and putter around the house...
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Friday night I got a call from a friend whose husband suddenly passed while she is out of the country and trying to get back so I'm off to help and meet her once she gets back to the US.

Welcome back Yo, good hiking Geo, come out here and try the wind rivers! I hope you had a good DOR Zo.

In the meantime most of the week was spent with the crazy dirt work stuff ended up doing a lot more labor than I planned to but no workouts. On Saturday I did a hike with my neighbor- we shall call her MOF. Mof is at the end of recovery from knee surgery, went 4 miles up and down and saw a bull moose in the marsh. We also found ripe wild strawberries, gooseberries and whortleberries, all pretty small and the birds had gotten many so just enough for a side to our lunch. On the way back we passed another neighbor out for a walk with bear spray and back-up as her husband had just spotted a grizzly headed to the trial we had just left. I bet the bear was headed to the berries!
Todya was extremely windy wiht wind whipping our dirt aorund I went ot the lake and swam 2 miles in the chaos. Now I have to pack..
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Ah - that makes sense, Yo! It was interesting to see the stations along route though. Funny that your dad is so hi-tech! (although I guess, being Japanese - not so surprising. I still remember being wowed at all the cool gizmos at Akihabara).

Don't blame you for being crabby, Zoj! Headwinds suck! Glad that you managed to treat yourself to good food (and company) afterward. Looks like you're having fun at Aerosmith as well!

SBee - What a blow for your friend (and kudos to you for the support). Not quite sure what whortleberries are (and not sure what you do with gooseberries except make "fool" or tarts) ... but always nice to be foraging! Our dog likes biting off the blackberries that grow along the side of our driveway. Don't fight the bear for them though! Hope you enjoyed the swim ...

Myself - went for a 61 mile ride on Saturday AM with the bagelry crew ... otherwise a quiet weekend. Yes - a readjustment to a quiet house (for the dog as well). My DS is coming up for a few days in October to do some hiking - so the next visit is not too far away; Thanksgiving after that...

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