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zojmn151 08-23-2019 10:11 AM

TGIF - 23 August Workouts!
I agree, Geo, tough situation with Maddie - hoping they can it turned around and progressing in the right direct soon!

Geo - nice on the hike! Speedy!!! All that riding has to be helping your legs on these hikes. DS is planning a trip to Katahdin in September with a bunch of his friends.

Wednesday was dry needling #1 - ick. think acupunture, but slightly different. 5 needles in. needle #5 wasn't fun, so that one came out rather quick. BUT have to say did feel better yesterday and felt "freer" during my run today.

Yesterday was a day with DD - went into Boston, dropped off some stuff at her apartment and then went over to the prudential center shopping area and little good!

~3 mile run today - another dry needling appt this afternoon and then last softball game tonight.

Yo Sake 08-23-2019 06:46 PM

I’m baaack!!

What difficult situations Maddie and her family are in. But if somebody can deal with such challenges with positive and perseverance, Thor would be the guy. Today’s medicine is amazing and I am really hoping they find good treatments.

Geo - sounds like another good hike with your DD. Looking forward to seeing some pic. And wow, the last semester..! It will fly by for sure.

Zoj - What year is your DD? And dry needles sounds a bit scary than acupuncture. Is this a PT’s recommendation?

7miles after work with DH. First run in like two weeks. Legs still got some muscle aches (darn downhills on Mt Fuji) but moved better than expected. Quite a bit to catch up in every which way.

Will post more details later about climbing Mt. Fuji. We had a fantastic time. Unfortunately my father didn’t make it to the summit (made it to the 8th station, about 11k feet). All others (DH, two kids, my older brother and younger sister) made it to the summit then to the highest point of Japan. I’m so glad this whole thing worked out well.

Now, back to the reality ....

regiolanthe 08-24-2019 10:27 AM

Pics are amazing, Yo! And impressive vigor for your father... I love the way the mountain has been set up for people making the pilgrimage up it (with way stations and helping ropes). I really had no idea - but given how often it is climbed, it makes sense! Here in NH, we just put a road in for the pilgrims ...

Nothing on Friday except a long drive home.

Thursday managed a final 3 mile run with DD before the long drive down... Had dinner with son on the way down, drove through a massive thunderstorm, and didn't get DD moved into her room till about 10:00 - but better than the 90+ humidity the next day. That way, we could just eat breakfast at the hotel and head back home...

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