Wednesday, Aug. 29 - WORKOUTS! -
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Wednesday, Aug. 29 - WORKOUTS!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Yo: Ugh. Sorry to hear about having to go another two weeks with the recorder. But at least you are clearing things. Which may not seem like it but it means you are closer to an answer by ruling things out.

Zoj: Good girl for the run and then double dipping with weight work!

BTW, anybody looking to shed a very quick 5 to 10 pounds, go Keto for a month. Even two weeks will shed a good 5 pounds. I'm on the slender/athletic side with not a lot to lose, and I lost a solid 5 pounds being on the diet of my treatment. The diet is very Keto-like. I dropped several pounds within two weeks and have been dropping a little here and there. I would imagine that if you have 10 or more pounds to lose, and if you try to lose on this diet, you could drop that within three weeks to a month. I can say this because I am not dieting and I am not trying to lose weight, and I still eat as much as I want, but on this diet you will absolutely drop weight even if you eat your face off. So next time you might want to drop a few lbs, consider going Keto for 2 to 4 weeks.


2.7 mile walk early this morning.

Great day, friends!
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Didn't make it to the gym last night...sigh...didn't get out of the office until almost 6 pm last night, which got me home a bit after 7 and just in time for dinner...weights will have to wait (ha) until tomorrow.

Thor - I bet once you are through this round, and you introduce (all the) food back in, you'll feel better and weight will come back on. I have thought about trying Keto for a short time, but am not willing to give up my fruit! lol

Trip into Boston to bring a bunch of stuff to DD's apartment and get her books for school next week. in and out in less than 3 hours...yes! lol...will be getting on the trainer later...just don't have the mental fortitude to get outside today.

Yo - bummer about the recorder!

Oh, and a FB memory popped up today - 47 mile ride w/DH - avg speed was ~17 wish I was riding that well now!!!
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Thor - interesting about the diet. Yeah you don’t have much to lose. Do you feel like you can lift weight to maintain your muscles?

Zoj - it’s a pain to drive in and out of a big city, isn’t it? Experienced some serious taste of that in Chicago recently.

1:40 ride on Pony. Didn’t feel much strength in my legs. Just rode as I felt like it. This external recorder is a PITA. Constantly telling me the unit isn’t connected, or replace electrodes etc. was on the phone with their tech help for 30min trying to make it work. Seriously I’m not sure how much has been recorded based on how often it malfunctions.

Getting ready for DD to move into a house... shopping
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