Friday, Apr. 13 - WORKOUTS (not in Azores)! -
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Friday, Apr. 13 - WORKOUTS (not in Azores)!

Good morning, TEAM LIT!

Phew, what an awesome anniversary getaway! Thank you MQ for holding down the fort. I'm sure you all saw the pictures, so I won't talk about how beautiful and unblemished the Azores is. We rented a car and just about explored the entire island of Sao Miguel. We would pick a few hikes per day and explore on foot. We found a few really off the beaten path trails, some of which offered 360 degree views after short ridge line trekking. Sans kids, we slept like 11 hours each night. It was awesome! I ran every day. First day was a disaster, but the subsequent days the illness pulled away at least energy-wise within 2 miles. I only logged 3 miles per day, but that last mile on each morning I finally worked into good form, although my body was still beat from illness. That's what real rest gets me. We had some great cheese, wine, and beef! I couldn't really help but go off my gluten-free diet (doctor's request), so I'm back to square one with that. No regrets. I need to live life too. Sipping Portugese pilsners from hotel balcony overlooking the Atlantic (edit for the Warden's Husband) was very sweet.

Now I am back, and I haven't been able to run a step. That said, I am still hoping to run in the Boston Marathon Tribute run on 4/15 with my Boston EMS buddy.

Geo: Get on it!


2.7 mile walk early this morning.

Great day, friends!
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Sounds like a heavenly getaway, Thor. 11 hours sleep ... wow! Guess that's what active days and quiet nights do for you...

I did ride in today (a mere 10+ at 16-ish). Not sure route home ... will probably stick to around 15 miles for 26-ish on the day. Hopefully it's not sprinkling ... this weather has been the suck... Sounds like a bagelry ride is doable ... but then rain on Saturday, Sunday, and ...sigh... Marathon Monday (heavy - apparently). AdCo will be drenched...

Ah well ... great weekend all!
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Nothing the past few days.... Dad in hospital, been a little distracted.

Collin Cowherd (ESPN): You can not solve stupid.

AdCo is wise. Very wise. - NRG71
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Thor - welcome back! What great pictured you shared with us. I am sure by day 3 you stopped talking about kids!!?
Geo - rain in the weekend forecast stink big time. Well, running would be ok - time for half marathon training!
AdCo - hope nothing terribly serious about your Dad's conditions... Keeping fingers crossed your Marathon Monday goes well! (BTW, you are the only one around here that is running there this year!)

5mile run during lunch. Plan to ride with GBkers after work for a few hrs. My weight is creeping up.... eating the same while working out less harder.... do the math.

Safe trip to SBee!!
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Thor - sounds like a great trip! Loved all the photos!!

Adco - sorry to hear about your Dad, hope everything is ok...good luck on Monday!!

MQ - nice 1000 yarder!!! I sooooo need to get back in the pool, even if it just for sanity's sake!

SB - hope you are having a good time China!

Hi Geo...Yo...AM!!

DH had shoulder surgery last Thursday (hence my absence)...RC repair, extensive debridement, tendon repair = 6 weeks in a sling. He's not happy about that...given that he runs his own business, being out of pocket that long is not an option. So we need to figure out how to get him to where he needs to be. this surgery was a result of the bike/car accident he had last year on Father's day.

I have been able to get my runs, weight training and even, gasp, a time or two on the trainer since then...Though work totally blew any kind of workout out of the water yesterday due to unplanned meetings and a 10 hour day. Sigh. Left ankle decided to act up on my run on Wednesday, so it turned into mostly a walk, but I guess maybe that was my body's way of a forced "taper" so to speak....because....

BAA 5K tomorrow am with DD!!
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I did something this day.
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